The magic of garden decor

Garden Dcor is a great activity in decoration. The garden is always a special place in our house, so we should spend some time designing it, so we could spend some great moments with our families. If your house is very small, also will be your garden, so take your time to consider: space distribution, accessories to include, plants, sizes, etc.

All this elements should be a perfect match: small garden goes with small plants. It will be a nice touch a single big piece in the garden. If you do not have a big garden, we recommend you not to think about paths. The use of a horizontal pattern will help you to give your garden a feeling of more space.

You can think of a garden built in different levels. This fools the eye and gives the impression of a larger space. You can also try to mix your patio with the existing landscape to give it a continuity effect. Talking about plants in your garden decoration, you should have different sizes and shapes to create certain rhythm. Some plants you should avoid are the ones with fast growing rate.

If you are going to use bright colors, you should use them right at the entrance of your garden. At the end of the garden you can use darker colors. These create a depth effect as if they vanish.

In the garden decor design, if you put the plants with the largest leaves at the entrance and leave the smaller more remote, would be perceived as more depth. In garden decoration, there are a lot of options to break monotony, for example you can alternate high and low plants. You can use climbing plants to cover the walls, at the same time you give your garden the sensation of limits.

The Decoration of the garden is a must once you define you want to live in your favorite house. Garden decoration is a growing trend that you don’t want to miss out!

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