The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design in Edmonton

The cooking zone is the most important part of your home. That is where all the nourishment comes from! So, maintaining an appealing aura about is equally important so that the entire experience is something that you look forward to, even more. While you can use your own creativity to decorate your kitchen, a complete makeover is also possible if you hire a kitchen design company in Edmonton. They would be proficient in handling kitchens in all shapes and sizes while coming up with ideas that are in tune with the latest trends in kitchen design in Edmonton. Whatever you decide, first you must keep yourself informed about these trends so that your ideas can be implemented in a better way. Here is a short list that highlights some of the most prominent trends this year:

Subtle use of reflective surfaces:
Not overtly shiny but more of an elegant satin finish is what you can incorporate in your kitchen decor. High-gloss surfaces, mirrored back-splashes and refined accessories with a touch of reflective brass can be composed to recreate an elegant 80s style.

Muted color schemes:
Pale blue, tinted whites, greenish grays and other faded hues are going to be the trendiest colors that you can choose for your kitchen. Be it the walls or the cabinets, a soft and muted palette is all set to work. When it comes to wooden accents, more of white-washed oak or walnut will do the trick.

Dominant metallic:
Mantel hoods, cabinet handles and faucets will be highlighted in metallic finishes. Even if you don’t wish to replace the wooden parts with copper or bronze, you can get them painted or use a combination of metal and wood to match what’s in.

LED lights everywhere!
Who doesn’t like a well lit counter-top or shelves or storage spaces? In fact, it is a great idea to light up every corner of the kitchen using strips of LED lights. An extensive use of low-voltage lights as accent pieces or solely for the purpose of brightening up the cabinetry is a must-try trend.

Bold lines and clean, no-fuss detailing:
Decoration details should be well calculated and neat even if the overall look is a traditional one. The idea is to create a clean and neat feel with the use of straight lines and almost a complete absence of heavy aesthetic elements.

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