The Kitchen: Avoiding The Dingy Look


Because the kitchen is typically flooded with bright light, many
families overlook the fact that it is giving off a dark, dingy quality.
Because of the lights, it stands in contrast to the other rooms in the
house, but that contrast may not be as pronounced as you think it is.
The place you prepare your food says a lot about who you are as a
person. Because of this—and safety and health concerns—there is always a
great deal of emphasis placed on keeping that area of the house
spotlessly clean. But whether you do that or not, there are things you
could be doing to give that room a cleaner look, simply through design.

Don’t ignore the accents. Your kitchen is probably home to some towels,
some placemats, some floor rugs, etc. Sometimes people make the mistake
of choosing dark colors, thinking that they will hide stains and spots.
While this is true, it does a lot to bring down the overall look of the
room. People unconsciously associate dark colors with dirt. There is
something to be said for getting rid of these cloth accents altogether,
but anyone who cooks recognizes the need for a dishrag at the very
least. Choose light colors to brighten up the surroundings.

Reflective surfaces are prized these days when it comes to kitchen
appliances. But even if you don’t like the look of stainless steel and
other similar finishes, you can accomplish the same thing with mirrors
and glossy framed pictures. Place them about the walls and you will
notice immediately that it not only brightens the room but also gives
the illusion of additional space.

Don’t overlook lighting. While most kitchens are fairly bright as it is,
this isn’t always the case. If you have dingy, dim lighting, nothing
you can do is going to make that room stand out and shine. Fluorescents
are fine, but many people prefer other types of lighting. Just make sure
you get lighting that is even and bright. You typically don’t want this
kind of lighting in other rooms of the house. No one wants to feel like
they live in a department store. The kitchen is the right place for it,

If you are completely dissatisfied with the look of your kitchen,
consult with some good, artful contractors in your area and see what
suggestions they have. Working hand in hand with a knowledgeable expert
in the field can help you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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