The Insider’s Guide to Western Decor for Bathrooms

The role of bathroom in a house is quite important as this room serves as a room for personal hygiene for the family members as well for the guests or visitors. The bathroom usually contains a toilet and sink and therefore a bathroom is commonly used to mean any room containing a toilet. Bathroom that once used to be a hidden utility room in a corner of a house is now as a spectacular showpiece with different types or styles of decor implemented to make bathroom look beautiful and elegant. One of the home decor styles that come in mind to decorate bathroom is the western home decor theme or style.

The beginning of decorating bathroom through western home decor themes should begin with the walls of the bathroom as walls of a room plays the most important role in decoration. The walls can be given the classic western style look to create a beautiful and elegant bathroom decor. The western style bathrooms are usually made of wood and in case the bathroom has wooden floor or wooden walls then the bathroom will have a pure vintage look. Even in case, where the bathroom does not have wooden walls then the householder need not worry as one can paint the bathroom with tan colors such as medium or dark brown to give an authentic western look to the bathroom.

For bathroom walls, the house owner can use wallpapers as well. Wallpapers in brown color with pattern like wood will give a tan look to the bathroom. The other areas where the bathroom can be converted into western home theme are through western home furnishings and accessories. Accessories play an important part or role in bathroom decoration therefore some of the ideas that can be implemented to make the bathroom purely western in theme are discussed herein.

Wooden Items – To give the classic look to the bathroom it is better to try wooden items irrespective of whether the house owner is making shelves or cabinets for the bathroom. It is better to use wood in making of these racks, shelves or storage racks. Using natural wood is highly recommended without any paint for coloring them.

Mats and curtains – The householder can purchase brown floor mats for bathroom and it is recommended to buy curtains for bathroom that are brown in color. Bathroom curtains with prints of animals like wolves, elephants, leopard etc. would also give the bathroom a western decor outlook. Pelmet curtains with light brown and dark brown color will look beautiful.
Washbasins – Bathrooms look elegant when mounted with brown ceramic washbasin. One can also mount shank in cream off or white that gives contrast. In the modern country western bathrooms, steel shanks can also be built or mounted.

Other accessories – The other accessories that make the bathroom a truly western decor in look is by placing towels in skin or dark brown color. Use or add wooden tissue holder and toothbrush holder in the bathroom to make the room quite elegant. To give a fresh look to the bathroom it is better to place indoor plant pots as well.

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