The Flower-Tourism in Thailand

The beauty of flowers and the vibrant tourism industry of Thailand prove to be a wonderful combination. The flower gardens of the country have propelled the tourism industry to greater heights. One great proof of this is the large pool of people from neigbouring countries that visit specific spots in Thailand whenever festivals are held. These people grab the opportunity to get a glimpse of the famous flower gardens for which Thailand’s districts are known for.

There are numerous sunflower gardens in Thailand. One of them is located in Bueng Sam Phan in Phetchabun. Every December, the sunflowers cover an estimated 10000 rai. This makes the location glittering with golden blooms. A great sight of the area is during the dawn when the sun enhances the sparkling colours of the sunflowers. Tourists flock to the area during December to witness different competitions such as the largest sunflower, seed preservation, and beauty contest.

Chiang Mai prides itself with a private botanical garden called Dokmai Garden. It is a haven composed of over 1000 species of flowers along with birds, fishes, butterflies, and mushrooms. The garden sits in 4 hectare land owned by the Seehamongkol family.

Tourists who are enthusiasts of orchids set their feet on the Noong Nooch Flower Garden everytime they visit Chiang Mai. The flower garden is also proximate to Pattaya making it an ideal stop for tourists in the area. This orchid garden is one of the most famous in Southeast Asia being able to house about 1000 species of orchids. Located in the premises of the Noong Nooch Orchid Garden are numerous demonstration areas that are uniquely crafted from each other to make them more appealing to visitors.

Another impressive flower garden in Thailand is the Mae Fah Luang garden in Chiang Rai. It is the brainchild of the Princess Mother who strived hard to improve the living conditions of the residents in the area. The flower garden has become a budding tourist attraction and a flourishing source of income for residents who seek employment. The 10-acre flower garden is home to exotic and internationally-renowned species of flowers. It is near the Doi Tung Place and tribal villages of Akka and Muser.

These are only some of the flower gardens in Thailand. There are still plenty of them scattered all over the country, each of which offers a unique view of the rich floral diversity of the country. The abundant flowers in the Thai flower gardens may be one of the primary reasons why there are numerous festivals that give glory to different flowers. In fact, some of their festivals are named after specific species of flowers. One example is the Blooming Krachai Festival that is held every June.

Lotus, a sacred flower in Buddhism has also its own flower festival. It is called the Rap Bua and is held in Bang Phli. One of the highlights of the said festival is the fluvial procession of colourful floats bearing wonderful flower arrangements showcasing lotus as the centerpiece.

Thailand’s rich floral diversity and the presence of numerous flower gardens in its district harmonise with the country’s rich culture. These factors perfectly combine to improve the tourism industry of Thailand.

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