The Elegant Beauty of a Butterfly Garden

My grandmother had a butterfly garden in her backyard before they became popular. When I was a child, I used to sit patiently near her garden as she worked, waiting for the butterflies to come along, and fly among the flowers. However, I was often disappointed because at my young age, I did not realize that while these gardens are designed to attract butterflies, there would not be hundreds hanging out there all the time.

I can’t exactly recall the specific flowering plants that she planted in her butterfly garden, but I can remember that it was beautiful. My grandmother paid as much attention to it as her vegetable garden, and would sit out there in her spare time to enjoy the result of her efforts. Butterflies were indeed attracted to her butterfly garden, and I was inspired to have one of my own.

I don’t have one yet, but I’m planning to start making one next year. If you are also interested in making your own butterfly garden, you can get information about it on the Internet. You can also talk with an employee at any garden shop, and they would be able to give you some information about the flowering plants that should be included in your garden.

If the butterflies are slow in visiting your butterfly garden, you should consider looking for other ways to attract them before you surrender. Milkweeds are known to attract Monarch butterflies. Monarch larvae eat the leaves of this plant, and attach to it when they make their cocoon. If you can get some of this plant nearby, your butterfly garden will soon be teeming with Monarch butterflies. You should also consider the location of your garden. If it is near a busy highway, or where children play oftenScience Articles, the butterflies may not be attracted to your garden.

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