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Before pesticides there was no way to get rid of bugs, that is no way that made use of viscous chemicals brewed in a laboratory. The Natives in America actually had a special method to growing their plants, it was called companion planting.

The Natives were not the only ones to make use of this technique though, ever since as far back as recorded history people have been mixing plants together to make their gardens more vibrant and voluptuous. Companion planting takes the quality of one plant and integrates it into a garden with other plants that do not have that same quality.

Corn needs a lot of nitrogen and beans have a peculiar way of taking nitrogen from the air and mixing it into soil, so the natives would grow these two plants together. The corn also provided long stocks for the beans to climb; it was basically a little garden match made in heaven-not to mention that corn and beans go great together on the dinner table.

Now you see how it is apparent that some plants are going to help each other grow: corn and beans, spinach and strawberries, clover and cabbage, and parsley and tomatoes. You may be saying, “I understand them all, but what is with the parsley and tomatoes?”

Glad you asked, you see back in the old days before people had figured out that tomatoes were edible- the daft blokes in 1590 believed tomatoes were poisonous-parsley was used as a bug repellent. Had people at that time been trying to grow tomatoes the parsley would have worked particularly well against the tomato bug.

Turns out that a lot of herbs actually repel insects or attract predatory bugs where most produce will attract godless marauding caterpillars, plundering tomato bugs and other such bugs that will run rampant through your beloved garden. So sprinkle some parsley over your garden, or better yet just grow some in your garden.

Now there is a lot more to gardening than just mix-matching your plants to create a synergetic cesspool of thriving organic matter. You have to be aware of your pH, your nutrient content, soil type, water, sunlight, and climate otherwise your plants won’t turn out right.

Then on top of that there is the legal issue, ever since 2010 the congress passed the S 510 Bill which prohibits you from growing and selling, or giving, produce to neighbors without a FDA approved growers and distributors license.

So things really aren’t like they were back in the old days because now you do not have to mix plants to protect gardens from bugs because you have pesticides, you do not have to amend soil with organic compost to get good nutrients because you have fertilizers, and most of all you cannot sell or give away what you grow because free trade is not free anymore.

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