The Basics of a West Highland White Terrier Training

Training a purebred dog often means employing some of the same strategies used in other breeds, and this applies very much to the West  Highland White Terrier, also known as the Westie. Most experts will advise that all breeds have their own particular quirks and twists in terms of personality which makes training really important. Westies, by the way, are not as independent-minded as other terriers, but they are high-energy just the same, and can be nippy too, when irritated.

Before getting a Westie, any prospective dog owner will need to know what’s ahead. The owner will need to work on and around the fact that westies are full of vigor, and are always on the lookout for play, and this may make training quite a challenge. The root of this is the westies’ breed history, which is an offshoot of the cairn terrier breed. The just-mentioned breed was useful for hunting and rooting out vermin and furry pests. Owners may find the Westie not too aggressive, but still packing quite a bundle of courage and swaggering self-confidence. With such a colorful background, the breed is indeed in need of some west highland white terrier training.

While westies are a rough-and-ready breed, they mustn’t be mistreated nor teased. With regard to children who will want to keep on playing and running with the dog, owners should put down time for the westie as well since this breed will sometimes want a few minutes alone before playing or exercising again. Westies will appreciate children, but they will need to be well-mannered and responsible around dogs.

Crate training can help the westie, since the main motivation behind it is that it gives a dog a place where he can feel secure in. Dogs, den animals by instinct, will consequently want to keep their private space always neat. Crate training does not necessarily mean keeping the pet inside the crate when the owner wants to. This is really a gradual learning process which also calls for leaving the crate door open from time to time, so the dog can go freely in and out. Food and reward based training can be used to entice the westie to use the crate.

Many dog owners have found that the west highland white terrier training does not have much semblance compared to that of other breeds. Any responsible dog owner who wants to be ready for the new pet will want to do his homework, consult a professional with health and training queriesComputer Technology Articles, and get ready to know and be known by this magnetic and fun-loving breed.

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