The advantages of Pirelli

A leader in the tyre and rubber industry for over 100 years, Pirelli is a name well-associated with quality, endurance, and corporate longevity. Ask anyone in the industry to name one of the top tyre manufacturers in the world and Pirelli will more than likely be mentioned. What many people are unaware of, however, is how well-respected the Pirelli name is in rubber flooring.

Pirelli floor tiles are one of the flooring industry’s oldest and most-respected brands. Currently being manufactured as part of the PRF Group (Pirelli Rubber Flooring) under the brand name ACTIVA, Pirelli floor tiles continue to outperform competing flooring products in their category.

The focus of this article will be the different types, features, and benefits of the primary rubber floor products available from ACTIVA. PRF/ACTIVA Flooring Products: Pirelli floor tiles are marketed under eight product names and representations. A brief survey and description of each is as follows.

Studded Tiles: Studded Tiles are classic in form due to their original Pirelli design. Available in two profiles, PRF studded tiles are the ideal solution for a variety of designs and functions. They are available in twenty color choices.

Hammered Tiles: One of the latest trends in rubber flooring, ACTIVA hammered tiles are known for their ability to stand up to heavy traffic with a low vibration pattern. The hammered tile collection from ACTIVA comes in two designs and a total of ten colors.

Ardesia (Slate tiles): The Ardesia line combines the timeless beauty of slate with the ultra-performance of rubber flooring. These tiles are low embossed for easy maintenance and the four color choices arrive in larger tiles for quicker installation with fewer seams.

HP – High Performance tiles: The HP floor tile is exactly what the name implies. Developed over twenty years ago, the HP is capable of withstanding the toughest industrial conditions. HP floor tires contain a high chemical and oil resistance in addition to being highly wear-resistant in 12 glossy colors.

Cosmo: Smooth Speckled Tiles: The Cosmo line of tiles is a color-through product speckled with smaller pellets of similar color. Designed for medium-to-heavy traffic, the surface is smooth and the look enduring. An enduring classic, first manufactured over 70 years ago, Marble & Solid rubber flooring tiles are extra-resilient (due to double-layered vulcanized construction), sound-absorbent, and offer a low vibration pattern; thus making them a perfect choice for hospitals, museums, libraries, day-care centers, etc.

Matrix Tiles: An all-time classic, mini-pastille-patterned tile, ACTIVA Matrix tiles offer permanent resiliency, excellent slip resistance, and very low maintenance. Classic-black Matrix tiles are the perfect choice for retail stores, exercise areas, and wheelchair access environments.

ESD Tiles: Electro static dissipation (ESD) tiles are specially designed to protect against the damaging effects of electro-static discharge in sensitive areas; making them the optimum choice for hospitals, electronic manufacturing facilities, data processing rooms, and other communication hubs.

As you can see, Pirelli floor tiles have been around almost as long as their tyres; with similar recognition and success. Throughout the entire line of floor tiles, the universal benefits of high resiliency to wear, slip resistance, easy maintenance, sound absorbency, and a high resistance to abrasion are well-documented and the optimum choice for many applications. With a name like Pirelli under your feetScience Articles, you can’t go wrong.

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