The 5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

There are two distinct benefits of having houseplants inside your home. First off they supply clean air and fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Everyone can enjoy the health benefits from both. Second, no matter the style of your home decor, houseplants can give any room a decorative look. With that being said let us look at the best indoor plants that will bring you these life improving results.

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary:

This plant is commonly known as a wire vine. It will grow up to one foot tall and almost as wide. The plant responds well to misting. The ideal temperature range is between 65 and 80 degrees. It prefers bright light but not direct sunlight. Spider mites can become an issue with the plant so inspect them often.


The Ficus plant is a favorite among indoor gardeners. A healthy plant has deep green colored leaves and the stem will develop a braid form. What this means is four or more stems become intertwined and grow in a braided fashion. It is a fascinating and unique look. Regular watering will keep the leaves from drooping and falling off. The Ficus tree can be from 2 to 4 feet in height. The ficus will do it best under indirect light.

Chinese Evergreen:

If you lack experience growing houseplants the Chinese evergreen is a plant you may want to try first. It is hardy, easy to grow and resistant to many diseases. The plant can be successfully grown in temperatures above 45 degrees. The potting soil should be mildly dry before watering. Not a big plant, it will grow from 18 inches to 3 feet. Great plant for young children to grow and learn from.

Pony-Tail Palm:

This is a unique looking houseplant that makes a great addition to your home decor. The trunk can be described as swollen. The plant leaves can reach a length of 6 feet and look as if they have whipped out of the plant. Similar to a camel – the plant can store water in its trunk for a few months up to a year. The Pony Tail Palm will do fine with light watering.

Moth Orchid:

The moth orchid is a beautiful plant to keep in your home. Not only that it is one of the best at purifying the air. The petals are white with small stripes of fuchsia. The plant prefers indirect sunlight. The buds of the moth orchid bloom from spring to fall, and they are known to stay in bloom up to 3 months at a time.

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