Teen Party Ideas For Big Time Teen Fun!

Coming up with teen party ideas might seem like a daunting task. After all, what your teen likes today, he or she may find repugnant in four weeks. Reaching an agreement on theme alone (without breaking the bank), just about takes an act of congress! Relax and stick with the tried and true ideas that offer flexibility for execution. Here’s a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.


A Beach Party is sure to make a splash with teens. It affords a lot of freedom, as the beach is their “playground.” Think of all things beach-related when creating your invitations. For example, use actual beach balls, sunblock, sunglasses, frisbees, or flip-flops and attach the party info to these items and hand-deliver or make your invitations in these various shapes. Decor is simple. Add tiki torches, towels, lounge chairs, canopies, and citronella candles and you’re good to go. Games may include water balloons and its many variations, along with the good old standby–beach volleyball.


How about a Luau Party? Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise! Use postcards with a tropical picture as your invitations or create palm tree, shell, starfish, or pineapple-shaped invites. Use plenty of tiki torches for lighting and citronella candles for bugs. Decorate tables with grass skirts and string lights of paper lanterns around doors, porches, and decks. Use beachcomber hats to serve up all your yummy munchies. Throw in a hula dance, a few rounds of limbo, along with some water balloon games and you’ve got a recipe for success!


If you’re looking for an evening of suspense, intrigue, and an old-fashioned “who dun it,” then a Murder Mystery Party will fit the bill. Your party may be one that allows everyone, including the host, to play a role for the evening and one of the guests is the murderer. Another option is to host a sit-down dinner party and hire actors, perhaps kids from your school’s drama department, to act out the play while your guests dine on dinner and try to figure out “who dun it.” For a quick pull-together party, select one of the “How To Host A Murder” boxed games and just follow the instructions for that particular game.


How about a spa night? After all, who doesn’t want to be pampered? Bring in up and coming professionals to render services. Contact local massage and beauty schools and hire students about to graduate. Create spa stations for manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, hair, and makeup services to be rendered.


The spot light is on fun when you opt for a black light party. Be sure your party room is pitch black and all signs of light are removed. Replace all of the light bulbs with black lights. Be sure your decorations consist of things that glow in the dark like white balloons, streamers, and shred. Since most food don’t glow in the dark, you’ll want to be sure to use plates, glasses, and cutlery that does glow in the dark. Have your guests dress in white and fluorescent colors so they light up the night.

Bottom Line: Plan ahead, pick a theme, and run with it. Have fun and keep it simple!

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