Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Safari Chic Decor

Perhaps it’s time to change your home decors into something more exciting and creative. You might be craving for a touch of nature and an impression of the great outdoors. Well then, Safari Chic is the perfect home theme for you.

Safari Chic is a striking design with an exotic and natural look. It is an interesting blend of simplicity and elegance. The design is primarily made of animal prints and natural, earth colors. The materials used are also those inspired from nature such as cotton, wood, linen, rattan and canvas.

The drapes or curtains can have the trademark animal prints or alternatively, with a jungle green color.

If you’re quite an artist or if you know anyone who is, why not make your walls a work of art by painting animals, the jungle, outdoors and other pictures of nature like a real African wilderness? You won’t only have painted walls but walls with substance literally.

Increase the room’s appeal factor by placing area rugs with animal patterns. Choose area rugs that are plush to reflect the softness of stepping on soil grounds or the smoothness of wild grass.

Maximize the Safari Chic style with the use of fabrics in your throws and cushions. Add some animal miniatures, paintings and potted plants, and the room will be transformed into an African haven.

If you have a vacation house or perhaps a room where you often relax, Safari Chic is an ideal design. It gives the space a more relaxing and fun feel, perfect for that vacation mode you’re in.

Because they do not cost a lot, Safari chic accessories will not put you out of house and home – pun intended. With determination and a little time on you hands you can shop around or even order online for these items. But you shouldn’t just pick up anything with an animal on it. Remember that at the end of it, all your pieces must complement each other in order to acquire the desired feel. Once you’ve finished decorating, it’s hard not to sit back and feel as Karen Blixen once did, as she sat by a crackling fire writing the final pages of “Out of Africa” from her cozy safari chic resplendent home.

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