Superman Birthday Party Ideas

Superman is arguably the super hero of all super heros, so naturally any boy would want to celebrate his birthday Superman style. Whip a Superman Birthday Party faster than Clark Kent can find a phone booth to change in. These decorating tips, menu ideas and party games will keep to to party theme while still being just as easy as any other birthday party planning.


Idea #1 – Find clip art of the Superman logo (Big S on his chest). Make a note card invitation using the S logo as the cover. Place party information on the inside using the Superman font. Attach red fabric to the back of the invitation as the cape.

Idea #2 – Make an invitation that mimics a Superman Comic. The outside of the invitation can be the cover of the comic, while the inside of the comic can use the comic boxes to display the party information. Look up actual Superman comic books for inspiration.


Whether you are using Superman themed party supplies or basic colors, personalizing your party decor to fit your style takes little effort. The standard Superman colors are red blue yellow. If purchasing crepe, streamers or balloons, be sure to get a mix of these colors.

Like most super heros, the Superman adventures take place in a city. Build a faux Metropolis skyline using poster board or cardboard. Attach to a blank wall and use as a photo backdrop.

Add a faux phone booth to the party area. How embarrassing if Clark Kent didn’t have a place to change into his costume.

If you are a little more adventurous try building a Superman lair. Use styrofoam and shape into icebergs and icicles to simulate his arctic lair. Use the Superman movies for reference.

Menu Ideas

Keeping the party menu simple while incorporating the man of steel takes a little imagination. Try serving some of the fast menu ideas.

Laser Beam grilled hot dogs. Grill up some hot dogs, but be sure to tell the children that Superman used his laser beam vision to cook them up.

Kryptonite Kool Aid – serve green Kool Aid and be sure to warn any party going Supermen.

Super Quick Whipped Dip – make a creamy ranch dip that can be served with vegetables or tortilla chips. Be sure to have Superman use his super speed to whip this dip up quickly.

Party Games

Superman is known for his speed, flying and strength. Using these essentials for a boys birthday party game is easy. Little boys live for this stuff anyway. Try a few of these party games.

Superman Race – If you are having an outdoor party or your party venue allows enough room, have the children race to a target. Whoever reaches the target first has saved the day. You can make the target a victim…particularly Lois Lane or the phone booth.

Hot Potato – Superman has just made the potato super hot with is laser vision. Don’t get caught with the potato or you will get burned. Played the same as the traditional hot potato.

Pin the S on Superman’s Chest – played like Pin the tail on the donkey. Print out the S emblem (minus the S), then cut out lots of Ss for the children to stick to the emblem. Blindfold the children and spin them around. Whoever’s S comes closest to the middle of Superman’s chest is the winner. Be sure to have an S outline on the target so that the children know where to place the S.

Whatever you decide to incorporate into your Superman Party, include the birthday child in the decision making. After all, who knows fun better than children?

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