Super Simple Tips For Choosing A Landscape Contractor

While it may be freezing cold outside today here in Chicago, I am not letting that bother me. In fact, I am more looking towards the spring when I will once again get out and plant annuals and flowers to brighten up my home. But what about the bigger projects like brick paver patios and retaining stone faced walls? Well, it may be time to outsource those bigger landscape jobs to a professional contractor. Here’s what I recommend.

Following are some simple yet important considerations to look into before going out and getting that new landscape.

I always recommend that homeowners bring in a landscape architect to draw up landscape plans before doing anything else. These guys are not only creative, but they can spot trouble areas for you and recommend solutions. In addition, they understand what plants will work well on your site and can recommend the best ones for your site. Hiring a landscape architect or designer may cost a little money, but this is a step that should not be skipped. You will be glad you had a plan to follow.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the plans your landscape architect laid out and see if we can do any of the work on our own. This is where the inner “do-it-yourself-er” will come out of you. You can save big bucks by parsing out pieces of the job and getting them done yourself. Just be sure you don’t get in too deep and mess up some other portion of the project. If you need your contractor to come in and bail you out, you are going to end up losing money!

Next you should interview local landscape construction contractors and prepare to have them start work. In most towns there are several to choose from and you shouldnt be afraid to get estimates from several of them. You will find that the prices to complete your project may vary. The things you want to look for are how long the contractor has been in business, what his on-time completion guarantee is, and can he point you to some projects he has already finished for you to look at.

The final step is to nail down the timing of the overall project. Of course, we cannot control Mother Nature, but we can make some close assumptions based on the time of year we are starting the project. Your contractor can help you with this as well, and of course, the bigger your project, the more wiggle room you will need to build in. Remember, the idea here is to get out and enjoy your landscape this summer!

Follow these ideas and you will be able to get that landscape re-done this year without a hassle. Be ready for a few bumps, but get started soon. You will be out and enjoying summer margaritas on that new patio before you know it! Get started soon and get your contractor lined up before he gets booked up for the season.

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