Sunroom: Bringing Nature Closer To Home

Creating a sunroom to add to your home is the ultimate home decorating project. It literally glows from the inside and out. Sunroom is an indoor area but possesses outdoor qualities. As you can bring the indoor decors outside to the patio, you can also bring the outdoor elements inside to the sunroom. Decorating the sunroom offers much flexibility. You can apply the same design ideas from the other parts of the house or decorate it with an altogether different theme. One idea that is popular for sunrooms is the Asian theme.

Begin your decorating by painting the room a golden yellow. This will reflect the sunlight nicely and make the room energetic. Next add Bamboo furnishings. This will continue to add a natural feel to your room while adding to your theme. For decor ideas think grand. Large Asian vase filled with bamboo, lilies, and orchids will look outstanding and your will be able to find material for cushions that will contain these items in the pattern.

When choosing a material, look for a soft silky fabric that contains bright colors and a natural pattern. Use this material to create cushions and a table cloth. This will bring together all of the various items and colors in the room. Two other accessories that will draw your design together are an area rug and a fountain.

Wonderful oriental are rugs are available in a wide array of colors. Consider making your rug the first decision you make. Find an area rug you love and pull all of your colors and designs from this piece. This will ensure both satisfaction and flow through out the room. Additionally it will warm the floors of the room and help to establish the fine line between indoors and outdoors giving your sunroom a more formal feel than the typical patio.

A fountain is a great addition for the natural look of the outdoors and the Asian vibe of your theme. The sound of the flowing water alone is enough to make you think of a cool stream. Put it together with the sunny color of the room and the plants and flowers around you, and you’ll feel like you’re in a secret oasis in the Himalayas.

One way to obtain a firm grasp on appropriate decor is to take a trip to an ethnic area rich in the culture you are attempting to mimic. For an Asian or Chinese themed sunroom I suggest a trip to China Town. Here you can find excellent decor ideas and accessories. As an added benefit you will find prices in these areas quite low. Items that may cost several hundred dollars in a department store will be discounted by as much as 90% in a true ethnic store.

Bring a little light into your life with this amazing sunroom decor. Reflective colors, bright colorful plants, soft silky cushions, and a beautiful warm area rug will make this your favorite room of the house. As inexpensive and enjoyable as this room will be you will feel remarkable knowing that your creativity made it possible.

Home Decorators love to use rugs, to finish a room. This one in particular is proving popular; orange rugs.

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