Steal 5 Fun Ideas With Indian Wedding Decoration Themes

“To have a successful marriage, you need to fall in love every day with the same person for all eternity.”
When there is a connection between two souls, the union should be made equally beautiful. This beautiful bond isn’t enfolded between two people but two families. Each imperfection of a bride and groom combines together to make them a perfect pair.

Your perfect union deserves a unique marriage decoration so that it can create an everlasting impression in the minds of your guests as well.

Weddings in Bangalore are the best examples if you intend to plan for your marriage ceremony. There,the beautiful wedding decorations are cateredwith a vibe of rustic charm and individuality,perfect for the would-be new pair.

Theme wedding decorations are currently the new trends and the choices of everyone. From invitation cards to wedding cakes, thematic inspirations can give your wedding a surreal outlook.

Top 5 Indian Wedding Decoration Themes
1. Watercolour Theme
Traditional weddings have all the correct elements of decorations. But you can instil a new theme based on watercolour to weave a unique inspiration.
* You can opt for playful shapes like apentagon or a scroll shape for invitation cards.
* You can customise the dining mats with abstract colours.
* You can use tassels of colourful beads and miniature mirrors to decorate your venue.

2. Motif Theme
These are the quirkiest yet cute themes with a personal touch to the entire decoration.
* You can start with a personalised wedding motif in your wedding dress, napkins, and invitation cards.
* It can be in the form of initials of you and your spouse.
* You can also use both of yourcomplete names formed with flowers.
* You can accentuate the venue by using pastel coloured drapes and bright, exotic flowers.
* You can highlight the floral decor with light coloured satin ribbons. The merger of block colours will give a classy look to your décor.

3. In House Outdoor Theme
If you do not have a garden venue, you can easily transform your indoor venue to an outdoor one.
* You can use grass carpeting as the base.
* Artificial vines and flowers twisted together can give you an illusion of outdoor wedding decoration.
* You can also use fairy lights and hanging lanterns in golden shades to give the entire venue a forest look.

4. Otherworld Theme
This theme gives an enthralling effect to the entire ceremony.
* It is a dreamy combination of shimmery transparent curtains in hues of azure, lavender and teal with bright hanging lights.
* You can wrap the light hanging with crystals to give a romantic backdrop as shown in movies.
* Dim white lights with shiny crystals create an ethereal background with a dash of energy in the celebrations.

5. Royal Theme
Who doesn’t wish to have a wedding in a royal style?
* You can go for a golden wedding decoration with artificial arches and porus criss-cross pillars as the central backdrop.
* You can create classy and mystic feel by using drapes and wall hangings with minimal artificial golden beads in a combination of gold and velvet maroon.
* For the entrance, you can place a huge glass wedding card with all your customised vows written on it.
You can hire a reliable professional to have mesmerising Indian wedding decoration themes and make your celebration grander.

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