Start Your Own Business: Facts About The Lawn Maintenance Business


If you enjoy mowing the lawn, or if you mow lawns fast, or love caring for lawn and garden, you actually have the opportunity to make money. You can start your own business. What type of biz? Well, you can run a lawn maintenance business. Either you’ll be the only one to do the job, or you can hire some other people to do lawn cutting and garden caring services for your clients. Here are a few facts and pointers you should become aware of about the lawn mowing biz:  Fact #1: That kind of business is not hard to start/set up. For as long as you know how to properly mow lawns, and for as long as you have the ‘passion’ for mowing the lawn, you’ll be suited for a lawn and garden biz. Not everyone knows lawn mowing; not everyone also has the time to do it, thus, it is a good idea to start your own business of cutting lawns, maintaining gardens, and the likes.Fact #2: You only need to shell out very small capital for a lawn maintenance business. You only need to have several tools and materials to be able to mow lawns and care for gardens. You just need basic grass cutting tools and gear. You can either use a manual-push lawn mower, or a ride on lawn mower that you can drive by yourself to be able to do the cutting and the trimming. As soon as you have the above mentioned tools, you can start mowing the lawn for money.Fact #3: It is not that difficult to look for clients for your lawn and garden service business. Your clients can be your friends, your relatives, your neighbours, friends of your neighbours, etc. When you start your own business of lawn cutting/mowing, you just need to phone up your acquaintances, friends, and relatives (ones near your place) and inform them of your plan to start a lawn maintenance business. It is also a good idea to hand out fliers, and post fliers on lamp posts, place them on car windows, etc, to let people know that you’re offering your services for mowing the lawn.Fact #4: Offer promos and discounts while you’re just starting. Since it’s your first time running a lawn and garden maintenance and care business, it is recommended that you entice people to try your services and stick to your services. How? Well, you can offer some discounts or start a promo. For example, you can start your own business of lawn caring and mowing with 10% discount on rates given to the first 3 clients. You can even give a free service e.g. watering plants or flowers for free when the client hires you for mowing the lawn for 3 consecutive months.If you have the ‘skills’ in mowing lawns and maintaining gardens, you should consider running an actual lawn and garden service business. A lawn maintenance business, after all, can be a good source of income – in fact, many people rely on it as their main source of income.Source: Free Articles from

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