Staging Real Estate Property for Greater Appeal

As a real estate investor, you may be aware of many of the necessary projects involved in preparing a house for sale, rent, or lease purchase option. However, what you may not realize is the importance of staging a home to really take it over the top and interest more viewers than you could even imagine. As a potential buyer, a person likes to come into an empty home that is brand new or a home that is newer and sparkling clean. This is attractive and can sell the house for you, but having a home staged can really make a big difference in the way it is viewed and be the selling point you need to move the home quickly.

When you step your potential tenant buyer or purchaser into an empty living space, the appeal is that it is large and open without clutter, and you can see that it is clean and ready to move in. However, if you take the same living space and stage it with a couch, some bookshelves, an end table, a lamp, and perhaps some incense or air freshener, it suddenly adds atmosphere to the room and a sense of style. It becomes a cozy space rather than an empty void and entices viewers to imaging their own furnishings in the space and how comfortable and livable it can be. Adding some wall hangings, an area rug, and other matching decor can even give the customer some design ideas that excites him or her about the prospect of living in the house and adding their own taste and stylistic preference to the room.

In the kitchen, you can also provide a great deal of selling points through staging, adding a blender to the counter, setting a pot on the stove, and hanging an oven mitt by the stove. Throw a pretty hand towel over by the sink, and watch the potential tenant buyer’s eyes light up with ideas of his or her own. Making the space appear neat, clean, and orderly yet lived in is the perfect selling tool for real estate property.

A savvy real estate investor will add a couple of personal touches to the restroom, perhaps hanging a towel and pretty soap dish to the sink counter to show the viewer some possibilities for the room. A major mistake would be to forget the staging of the patio or yard area, since the backyard tends to be a major selling point for any real estate property. Place some simple lawn chairs and an inexpensive table on the patio, or put a small wooden bench in the yard beneath a tree or in a garden area. Put a planter on the windowsill with colorful little flowers to make the area attractive and relaxing, again using the selling point to make the wheels in your viewer’s head start to turn regarding what he or she can do to make this house a home.

Staging the real estate property you want to sell as a savvy real estate investor is important in showing the client its potential as more than a house. You want your viewer to think of the property as a home so that he or she is more likely to want to purchase it or sign a lease with you right away.

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