Springtime the Season of Home Improvements and Fencing Repairs

So why do we associate spring with home improvements, maintenance and renewals? This has always been the case as long as we can remember as winter months are the harshest month’s giving us freezing temperatures, heavy rain, sleet, snow and of course strong winds, whilst spring and summer months are less harsh, warmer and more pleasant . Not only that but summer is the time when many people gather outside for barbeques, parties and socials gatherings so we want our homes to look their best. The first job UK homeowners undertake in the spring is the ceremonial cutting of the lawns after months of uninterrupted growth, followed by weeding, and the planting of new colourful bedding plants, but once this is done we then turn our attention to our outbuildings and fencing. Timber panel fencing, sheds and summer houses suffer the most during the winter months, most lose their stain, some go as far as rotting and some fence panels seem to be missing all together.

In most cases a liberal coating of a quality wood preservative will suffice and have your fencing and outbuildings looking smart again in no time at all, ready to dazzle your family and party guests during the summer months and ready to weather another long harsh winter. Not all of them make it, especially fencing panels, but this is usually down to the quality of the fence panel in the first place, or lack of it. There are two types of fence panels, the budget, low cost, fencing panels that you usually find on sale in garden centres or do it yourself stores and the professional fencing panel supplied by a professional fencing company. A budget fence panel is made from very thin poor quality timber, they are very light, flexible and tend to blow out during strong winds, and people use these panels when they are simply selling their homes. Property developers also use them to sell their new homes, have you noticed that most new builds seem to complete around the springtime and then get snapped up before the bad weather arrives, these budget fence panels are not designed to last for years they are designed and manufactured to look nice for a short period of time

If you want a long lasting, study, heavy duty fencing panels that will require little or no maintenance then contact a professional fencing supplier and opt for vertical boarded heavy duty panels instead. These panels are a little more expensive at first but in the long run you save money because they do not need to be replaced as often as the cheap panels do. plus they are usually thicker so tend not to rattle in the wind and therefore don’t blow out during storms, you also find that the more expensive panels are treated with a high grade wood preservative before assembly rather than after assembly so take longer to deteriorate due to long term exposure to the elements.

So if you do plan to stay living in your home for at least the next five years always choose high grade heavy duty fencing over the low cost budget typeFree Reprint Articles, in the long term you will save money and your fencing will stay looking new for longer.

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