Southwest Decor Ideas You Can Use In The Spring

Spring is a special time of year for new beginnings. Baby animals are born, flowers begin to appear and trees, once sleepy and barren, start to show the beginnings of being clothed in green. Folks throughout the country come out of hibernation and begin allowing the gentle breezes of spring to come inside their homes through opened windows. Colorful clothing may be seen outside hanging on lines to dry. Kids are outside playing for longer hours . And many get extremely serious about cleaning away “winter” and perform their annual spring cleaning. This is a wonderful time of year and an especially great season to incorporate southwestern decorating touches into your home.

As we celebrate the beginning of spring, we should begin by sweeping away cobwebs from our entryway. A lovely southwestern wreath added to our front door will add charm and greet family and friends in style. You may consider using a store bought wreath and adding small southwestern objects such as dried chili peppers, a few rusty horseshoes, or tiny woven Native American baskets. Sprigs of oregano could be tucked in for a delightful scent. Be sure to add a colorful bow to complete the wreath.

The next item to consider is a new door mat with a southwestern theme. Geometric designs, horses, ranch brands, roadrunners, pottery, lizards and the ever so famous Kokopelli are just a few patterns from which you may choose. A super scraper mat composed of coir fiber is one of the best ways to keep the floors of your home clean.

If your home has an entryway, perhaps with a small table to hold mail and keys, adding a piece of Mexican pottery will contribute to the southwest feeling you wish to introduce. If your walls need sprucing up, purchase and hang a woven tapestry with stunning colors and southwestern designs. Your entryway will set the tone for your new spring decor. A wrought iron coat rack hung on the wall, will be a handy addition to hold the light weight jackets that are still needed in the evenings to ward off spring’s chill.

Its easy to find ways to decorate with southwestern touches during the fall season, with the vast opportunities to use items throughout your home in the colors of rust, red, orange, gold and brown. But your room could just as easily be decorated in a southwestern Native American theme for spring by using the traditional turquoise and pink. Look for throws, rugs, wall hangings, and table runners in these color choices.

If you have a fireplace, your mantle is a great location to display a favorite Indian basket collection or on which to place small colorful Mexican pottery. A large mandella with flowing feathers would look spectacular above your mantle. Keep in mind that white is a neutral color and works well with the Native American theme.

Bring the outdoors inside by adding brightly colored pots with cactus and plants. End tables and the coffee table may be replaced with unique Tarahumara Indian drum tables. They definitely abound in southwestern heritage and make great conversation pieces. Rustic wrought iron is a good choice for lamps and ceiling chandeliers. Adorn them with rawhide lamp shades and you’ll produce a warm glow to your southwestern decor.

A southwest spring signifies that it is time to place flowers in our homes. Plants such as the Mexican Bird of Paradise is an excellent southwestern choice as is the Calla Lilly. Using these unusual flowers in your room will add diversity and uniqueness and make a lovely southwestern table display.

Candles, in white or soft pink shades, placed in rustic barn wood candle holders will add a soothing, romantic touch to the area. You’ll be truly inspired as you watch the flickering of the flame. Turn on authentic Native American flute music for a soothing calm.

So this year, while you are doing your spring cleaning, look for ways to turn your home into a southwest showcase. Remember to surround yourself with things you love, follow your heart and let your southwest decorating reflect your creative personality.

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