Some Tips about Cleaning and Polishing Copper Jewelry


All kinds of copper jewelries tend to be tarnished over a period of time. It occurs mainly due to the oxidization of the metal. Copper is more reactive to atmospheric oxygen than most other metal and so, there is a higher chance of copper ornaments or jewelries being tarnished in the course of time. Taking care of the copper jewelry is not a very difficult job and people can try some home remedies for cleaning and polishing the copper jewelries. The different remedies for cleaning copper jewelries include:In any kind of copper ornaments, the main reason for the corrosion is tarnish and it can make the ornaments look dirty or colorless. In order to remove tarnish, you can use cleaning clothes (for jewelry), lemon juice and anti-tarnish paper. These items are readily available and cleaning or polishing the ornaments with these becomes very easy. When the tarnished is cleaned, the metal can recover its luster and shine, thus making the jewelry look more beautiful.Salt and Lemon JuiceA mixture of half a lemon juice, a cup of water and a little bit of salt should be boiled to make a solution for cleaning the copper jewelry. Once the solution has been cooled, you can place the jewelry into a bowl and pour the cleaning solution over them. Allow them to rest for a period of 3 to 5 minutes and after that, place the jewelries in warm water (lukewarm) for about 45 seconds. Rinse well and then dry them with the help of a clean piece of cloth. This process will help in removing the tarnish and any other impurities accumulated on the copper jewelries or ornaments. If the tarnish still remains after the cleaning process is completed once, you can repeat the same process and you will likely find that it has been completely removed. You can verify that the tarnish has been removed if you find there is luster and shine in the copper jewelries.Cleaning clothIf you approach any jewelry shop, you will be able to obtain cleaning clothes which are specifically made for the purpose of cleaning jewelry. You can purchase the same and use it to clean all kinds of metal jewelry, including copper.Anti-Tarnish PaperThe anti-tarnish paper can be purchased from any departmental store, supermarket or jewelry store.  These papers can be used to polish the copper jewelry, in order to remove tarnish. No matter which method you choose, proceed with care.  Since this will be new to you, take it slow and easy to get the best possible results.  If problems still persist, it will be worthwhile to seek out expert advice or help.

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