Some Things To Consider In Putting Up Wall Art And Wall Decor

Not including ceilings, walls take up to almost two thirds of a living area in your house, They support the ceiling and keep the elements out an of course your things inside the house. Being such an important part of the house then this part of the house is deserving of wall art and wall decor.

The need to give more attention and detail to this important part of your house cannot be overemphasized. In fact most walls do need beautification whether it just be simple paint or even wallpaper. This is important so as not to make your house look like a prison or even a hospital.

As with all endeavors or projects, no matter how big or small, there must be some rules to be adhered to. This also is true for a project such as decorating a wall. These rules are needed especially for people to avoid just putting anything up on the wall and making a complete mess and disappointing result.

First thing to be considered is the kind of wall you will be applying the art or deco to. Will the wall be an inner or outer wall or put simply is it a wall in a bedroom or a wall outside in the patio or garden? Quite simply put you would not put indoor decorations outdoors and vice versa.

Wall color is also a factor in art and decoration choice and placement. One must never put dark items on a dark wall for the colors will cancel each other out and the art or deco cannot be seen. Therefore contrast is important in terms of art choice and placement. This is important to consider for overall impact and effect.

A third and fourth consideration is functionality y and theme considerations. The kind of room you are in will determine the kind of decor you will put on the wall. Definitely it is not logical to put garage type decorations on a kitchen wall or put kitchen type decorations in the bathroom. The theme of your artwork or deco must follow the functionality of the room and fit it. Not following this rule will result in a clash of themes and appropriateness in terms of decorations.

Thus this article has covered some of the more basic rules in putting things up on the walls to make them more amenable and pleasing to the eye. These rules should be a constant reminder so as to make the job of decorating walls easier and more straightforward. By following these rules most decorating disasters can be avoided when putting up your art on your walls.

When you want every detail of your home to be perfect, you should think about using wall art that is compatible with the rest of the space. Your wall decor can make the difference between a nice room and a spectacular one.

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