Some Great Ideas For A Perfect Vegetable Garden

Are you one of those lucky people that are blessed with green fingers? Do you ever wish that instead of your huge lawn; you had a lovely vegetable garden as well? Just imagine the joy growing your own vegetables. You would save a lot on the cost; plus you would be guaranteed fresh crops all year round. Well as long as you have a bit of garden; you dreams may still come true! Please take five or ten minutes to read this article on how to help you set up the perfect vegetable garden.

Boring Vegetable Gardens

The standard vegetable garden is a bit of a bore to be honest. It’s all straight lines and narrow long trenches; have you ever wondered why that is? Apparently it started a few hundred years ago when families began to move from the country into the industrial cities. The farms started to be harvested by machines and the vegetables were grown in long straight production lines. These patterns were then mimicked in the back gardens of the town folk. Sadly, this trend has continued ever since.

Change The Past

We needn’t be concerned about breaking this long tradition; some things just do not age that well! So you have banished the ideas of the straight line design of years gone by; now you need to think about what you really want instead. You can have any shape you like; rectangles, circles, octagons and any other shape you could imagine. How about a square garden with circular island beds in each corner. Or maybe a diamond shaped garden with four sections, each with a different crop growing inside.

Split Level Beds

This concept was perfected by the Aztec Indians, and these days you can see their influence all over the world. The mountain side is cut away in wedges to a design that looks like steps down to the ground. This is ideal for sharing a limited water source. Not to mention it looks gorgeous as well! These beds also heat up quicker in spring and allow easier access to the soil.

Bed Width

If you limit the width to about five feet and have small access features between each bed; you will be able to reach into each one without having to trample on the valuable crops inside. It also avoids endless trails of muddy boots every time you come back into the house!

Time For Trellises

Many crop vegetables require extra help when it comes to gaining height. You can offer this in an attractive way by building trellises. You can use this structure to assist your tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and also add another dimension to your already beautiful garden. This feature also allows you a better viewing position of the crops. You can spot a nasty leaf rot as soon as it appears. Also by being imaginative with the trellis designs you can recreate some of the more aesthetic garden designs you dreamt about last summer!

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