Small Tabletop Displays: Valuable Asset Or Unwise Expense?


It’s uncommon to find a company that has the freedom to invest in trade show exhibits as it pleases, with little or no concern for funding or spatial constraints. In the world of conventions, however, oversized units are not the norm – tabletop displays, banner stands, and modest booths tend to dominate the landscape at most conventions. Although small displays are prevalent, some companies question their effectiveness. By looking at what they are, what they do, and how much they cost, you can understand them thoroughly and judge their worth accordingly. What Are Small Trade Show Exhibits?This definition seems like it should be simple: they are trade show exhibits which are smaller in size than the typical unit. While this definition is technically true, there is a lot more variety to small units and understanding it can help you make informed decisions. There are four main styles of small unit. First, there are compact trade show exhibits. These are smaller scale than their typical counterparts, but they otherwise look quite similar. Next, there are pop up units. These units have a framework that literally pops up, providing a three-dimensional feeling that requires little or no setup to achieve. These pop up styles come in a variety of sizes, from freestanding to table-top sized. Banner stands are the third type of scaled unit. They also come in a variety of sizes, and can even be used inside full-sized booths to help provide a fresh appearance. When used alone, they offer a similar look to the pop ups, but without the three dimensionality. Banner stands are simply a vinyl-like material stretched over a frame, allowing them to be adjusted for many different space limitations. Finally, there are classic tabletop displays. These are designed to sit atop a table rather than standing on the floor, and everything about them is optimized with that idea in mind. Otherwise, they may look quite a bit like a miniature booth. Keep in mind that although banner stands and pop ups can also be tabletop displays, the term is most commonly used to describe this kind of setup.What Do Banner Stands Do?The role of banner stands and tabletop displays is the same as the role of larger trade show exhibits. They introduce your company, build your brand, promote your products, and attract visitors to come learn more. The only difference is that banner stands and tabletop displays do it on a slightly smaller scale. There are several advantages unique to these more compact convention elements. First, they’re more portable because there is less material involved. Many are also designed with travel in mind, as is evident in most banner stands and pop ups. In addition, they often have more versatility than their larger counterparts. Tabletop displays used at a convention can often be repurposed in the office waiting room or for board meetings rather than being a one-use item. How Much Do Tabletop Displays Cost? Buying smaller trade show exhibits will always save your company money because there is less material. It is quite rare to find banner stands or tabletop displays that are smaller than trade show exhibits and more expensive. Pop ups are usually the most expensive type of compact unit because of the more delicate and intricate pop-up structure inside. The others are all relatively similar in each size range, and each is noticeably cheaper than its larger counterparts.Are They Right For You?If you’re curious about small trade show displays, start asking questions about them. Get quotes. Get information. Think about designs. Once you have the numbers in front of you, you’re ready to start thinking logically. Will these banner stands or tabletop displays have the impact you want? Will they serve the function that you want them to fulfill? Setting aside your feelings about their size will help you judge them more adequately. Understanding what they are, what they offer, and what they cost will aid you in making the right choice. With a little bit of time and practice, you’ll quickly become an expert at determining your company’s needs. 

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