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Right from ascertaining you’re operational and kitchen décor needs, to planning and creating the design of a kitchen, to the final execution of your Kitchen Interior Design…. Sleek makes your kitchen makeover a completely hassle-free and satisfying process.

Sleek brings the latest in kitchen storage solutions and fabulous kitchen decorating ideas to make the design of a kitchen functionally brilliant and aesthetically appealing.
Sleek organises your kitchen in the most efficient manner to make your cooking experience extremely easy and effortless. Using Ergonomics in the design of a kitchen to put everything you need within an arm’s reach, and the principle of work triangle to make movement quick and easy. Sleek’s expertise in kitchen planning and designing is second to none.

Choosing the right accessories is the most important aspect of the kitchen decor. Sleek enhances the design of a kitchen with the latest in kitchen accessories. The Specialist also offers many ingenious ideas to make use of every available inch-space and increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. Sleek’s kitchen interior design features tall units that help you double your storage space, corner units that transform dead spaces, and mid-way systems for optimum space management. Attractive, functional and durable, sleek’s kitchen decorating ideas aim at optimizing efficiencies without compromising on the looks.

Sleek’s innovation with accessories has opened up space in the kitchen, with new and brilliant kitchen décor ideas from around the world. Swivel larder units that can withstand a load of 150 kgs, to the tall rotating units that swing around for a 360 degree view. The lean and efficient pullout takes only about 6-inch space, and the European cutlery unit provides easy division of your most essential tools. The bestseller is no doubt the twin corner unit, an innovation that makes even India’s no.1 chef smile with satisfaction.

The Specialist also brings world class ideas like Grass Nova Pro Soft closing channels and Lift-up flaps to make your kitchen experience truly comfortably and elegant. Sleek has tied-up with the world’s leading appliances brands like BEST, TERIM and FRANKE to bring the best in hobs, chimneys, ovens and sinks for your kitchen interior design.

A kitchen is as good as it looks, and to spread the envy around, Sleek offers a stunning range of shutters in solid wood, marine ply, MDF and particle board for an ultra stylish kitchen design. With patterns and finishes that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Whether you want a complete kitchen makeover or a few functional changes, Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist gives you the perfect solution to make your dream kitchen.

Whether you want a complete kitchen decor or a few functional changes, Sleek – The Kitchen Specialist gives you the perfect solution to make your dream kitchen. Designs for Modular Kitchen – Convert your kitchen into a perfect modular kitchen.

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