Simple ideas to include wall decal in to your decor style

Today DIY or Do-It-Yourself wall decor ideas are very popular. Not only do they remove the need for hiring expensive labour to turn your walls in to artwork, they are also so affordable when compared to wall texture paints, wall papers and even some expensive wall decorative items and crafts. Whether it is kids wall decorations or transforming your living room, wall decal offer unique wall art for every room in your home without a large price tag that restricts you from changing your decor too often.

Not only are wall decal a boon for renters who don’t want to spend money on expensive wall treatments that the home’s actual owner might not appreciate, they also give renters a chance to showcase their personal decor style with flair without causing any damage to the actual wall. They can easily be applied, repositioned and removed and hence are perfect if you want to carry the whole theme to another house 6 months down the line when you relocate.

For living rooms, use single square wall decals that each has a different design to become a cluster of colour blocking artwork. Or use leaf wall decor to highlight a strategically cut out window that becomes the backdrop to actually accentuate that antique rocking chair you have. Wall decal might be perfect for wall decor, but they are also perfect for any smooth finish like furniture. If you have an old white painted console that you want to update, instead of buying a new one give this console a new look by choosing an appropriate wall decal that blends perfectly with your decor theme. Also, for that very reason, a wall decal is perfect for doors and window frames. A wall that is punctured by a singular door or window can be highlighted by letting the wall stay stark white (to your home owner’s delight) and to do something unique using wall decal for the door or window. Turn a white door in to a piece of artwork with some modern decal or use leaf wall decor to bring birds, leaves and flower to your interiors in the perfect way.

For an old boring kitchen, use wall decor to highlight the kitchen accessories and to make a style statement by creating a warm look. Use the area between the bottom of overhead counters and top of kitchen shelf counter to try colourful wall decor. Hang up some ceramic plates, and use a floral wall decal to bring out as breezy warm look that could also match with the curtains and placemats used in the kitchen. A child’s room is the best place to use wall decals for kids wall decorations. It allows you to change the decor as the baby grows, incorporating ideas that the child is currently interested in and giving him or her highly personalized room that inspires their imagination.

Don’t ignore outdoor areas like covered verandas and balconies. Use vinyl wall decals like leaf wall decor that is weather resistant in these areas to bring in some style and colour. These stickers are water proof and will maintain their look for years to come; giving you something to look forward to when you sit outdoors where the view is actually not too green but all just some urban buildings.

For the perfect colourful wall decor in any room of your home, a wall decal is the simple solution. It sticks on to walls, furniture, windows and doors and even mirrors and can give your home a highly personalized look on a budget.

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