Simple and Functional Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of a home and there are so many things that can be done to keep it in tip-top condition. Though a modern kitchen is no longer used for heavy duty cooking, it still holds an undeniable importance.

Here are a few ideas that can both enhance the look of your kitchen and make grabbing things easy and convenient.

That Old Thing?
It does duty as a breakfast counter, coffee bar, and even hosts important family meetings. So a decor with all these various aspects in mind opens up possibilities that may not have been considered before.

Quite a few objects have been retired or replaced by modern gizmos and are no longer of any practical use. Kettles, water jugs, ceramic ware, metal troughs, orphaned tea cups, baskets, old china are all now valued for their aesthetic appeal. These are too dear to be discarded and can be used as decorative displays.

An Aromatic Herb Garden
An herb garden on the window sill is a thing of beauty that brings the outdoors to your kitchen as well as spices up the soup. An aloe vera plant with its distinctive looks is also great for minor burns and scratches. Mint, parsley, basil, and others can be planted in any old container and kept hidden in small wicker baskets. Those with brown thumbs could go for a bunch of flowers in an interesting little bucket or water jug instead.

Tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, and even egg plants are natural born performers who provide a bit of entertainment as well as nutrition. They can be displayed on counter tops in vegetable bowls of any kind. It may even get the kids to be more inclined to trying them out.

The Kids Art
A good old fashioned clock on the wall is practical as well as decorative. Big old ladles, copper pans and other such outdated utensils can go on the wall and add character. Give the refrigerator door a break and frame some kid art for the wall. See the little Picassos glow with pride at the promotion. This little idea will also help to eliminate the clutter look.

Handy Hand Towels
Color coordinated hand towels on the dishwasher, oven doors, and fridge handles lend uniformity, and just by changing the colors you can achieve a new look. Having the towels accessible in a couple locations will make convenient hand and dish dryers, pot holders and quick spill catchers any time and any where needed.

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