Simple And Affordable Beach Kitchen Decor Ideas

You’re likely in your kitchen a lot correct? I know I am. Utilize a few of these basic kitchen accents to change your home into unique tropical sanctuary! We aren’t talking about a total renovation of the kitchen, merely some cute accessories to provide the kitchen a “beach house feeling” on a budget.

When you’re outfitting a kitchen, it’s wise to start with the most important things first. You’ll always make good use of a cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, and tea towels. They’re also highly visible items in your kitchen decor.

Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes and designs. My favorites are the tempered glass cutting boards that you can leave out on your counter all the time for a dramatic decorative touch. You can also opt for wooden cutting boards made of artisan bamboo. With or without a shore-inspired design, bamboo accents definitely lend a tropical feel.

Once in a while, our kitchen towels are the exclusive thing in the area only for display. No matter if you really utilize them or nott, they may be an attractive accent hanging from the fridge or stove. Theme selections are infinite. From a lobster or flip flop decor to nautical and seashell creations, no matter your beach inspiration, you may certainly attain it with pot holders, oven mitts, and matching towels. P.S. Get a matching apron to wear for your next beach party!

By far, the most frequently used item in most kitchens are the salt & pepper shakers. Instead of stashing them out of sight in a cabinet somewhere, you can use them to decorate too! Keep your beach-themed S&P handy and on display on your stove, counter or dining room table. Lighthouses, palm trees, flamingos, blue crabs and more, you can find a design to highlight any coastal kitchen.

Now that you have thought over the fundamentals, feel free to add however many more kitchen accessories you want. Change your kitchen into the preferred room for your family, for more reasons than merely food!

From serving trays to spoon rests, canisters to coasters, the possibilities are endless in designing your very own coastal kitchen decor. For more beach decor ideas, visit

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