Should You Alternate Patterns when Mowing Your Yard?

 Cutting your grass in different patterns every time you mow is a great
way to relieve the stress that your yard receives from your lawn mower. If you
constantly mow in the same direction every time, you run the risk of leaving
compression marks that can damage your grass over time.


Much like the old wagon trails that cut across the plains in the move
to go out west in the 1800’s for the California Gold Rush, your lawn mower will
compress the grass blades and the turf they are attached to and cause trails to
start appear.


If you change your mowing direction every time you mow, these trails
won’t show up and you will get a more even cut. This will help your grass grow
healthier and thicker in the long run. While it seems that this might make you
a geek to some of your neighbors, they won’t laugh after they see how great
your yard looks.


The first time you mow your yard you should try going across it in a
horizontal fashion. The next time you should mow it on the diagonal. This will
help keep your grass from laying down in the same direction every time you mow
and give your grass the time it needs to work its way straight again before you
mow it the same direction. It might not make much sense to you at first, and
you might not see any difference for the first season either, but with some
patience you will notice the grass growing in thicker.


Not only should you try mowing your grass in a different direction
every time you mow, but you shouldn’t mow your grass too close to the ground
either. When the temperature reaches its height in the summerScience Articles, your grass can
dry out and die off if it’s cut too low. And don’t forget to water your grass
as deep as you can get it to make sure the water hits the roots.


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