Selecting And Purchasing A Canopy For Personal Use

When it is time to get outdoor shades for the home, a lot of people opt to get a canopy for their home. Why do people get outdoor shades? Principally it is to increase the amount of safe, livable space in the underused areas immediately exterior to the home. Or if the space is highly used, the outdoor shades help protect people from the sun. Canopies have been around a long time and come in a dizzying array of colors, shapes, sizes and function. Modern canopies have the added benefit of being made of high tech, composite materials.

Canopies are used in three major ways. Fixed canopies in a residence provide exterior shading for those who want to enjoy the outdoor area near a home. Portable canopies are lightweight and can be taken on outings, or used to set up an impromptu stand in public. Vehicle canopies protect cars or trucks that would otherwise be exposed to the sun all day. The three kinds of canopies differ in price, construction, styles and shapes.

Fixed or static canopies are the ones found near homes. They are quite similar in what they do compared to some other kinds of outdoor shades, such as window awnings and garden gazebos. The good thing about canopies is that they are not tied to the structure of the house like an awning. One can set them up far away perhaps at the edge of a large backyard or set up a deck canopy right next to the house near a porch area perhaps. For example when there is a large party on your premises, a canopy near the house helps corral and protect the guests.

Different from the static, fixed canopies are the portable, collapsibles which are easy to set up, easy to put away, and easy to store. Why would someone want outdoor shades that are a bit flimsier than the fixed canopies? The reason is because these can be placed anywhere, at a big gathering on the beach for example, or in the street during a street fair. In fact, businesses often get one that is emblazoned with the company logo which helps build brand awareness and shelter employees, customers alike.

Vehicle canopies as outdoor shades are typically much larger as they have to accommodate one or two vehicles. They have the option of coming with sidewalls for both privacy and added protection. They are alternatively known as portable car ports, or perhaps mobile garages. Some people consider them indispensable, as constant sun exposure can cause discoloration or damage to both interior and exterior parts of the vehicle. Investing in a vehicle canopy makes sense in the long run for the life of the car.

The cost of even a small canopy is going to run into the hundreds of dollars, whereas the larger outdoor shades for cars and such may hit the thousand range. Taking good care of canopies is important for their longevity. A special cleaning device that sprays detergent solution over the fabric will help you clean it faster. During long periods of storage they should be protected with a thin cloth. The danger of microbes and fungi infestation is real, so make sure they do not take root by keeping the surface clear of dirt, soil, and leaves.

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