Select Your Type of Bathroom Cubicle and Make Your Bathroom Attractive

Remodel your bathroom with different types of bathroom and shower cubicles. These different types will make your bathroom look elegant and fashionable, while also changing the overall appearance of your bathroom. 

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? You can do this effectively with the use of different types of walk in showers. These shower cubicles or corner baths are great space saver and provide numerous benefits. These types of cubicles are best suited for small bathrooms and can be custom made according to the availability of the space. Most of these cubicles can be installed with ease while others with high end models require professional assistance. These simple and high end bathroom Greenlam cubicles feature sauna amenities and other special features. These are available in all designs, and you can also add more features as per your need.

Different shower cubicles that you can get installed in your bathroom are mentioned below:

D-Shaped Shower Cubicle: This type of cubicle can be installed in just about every home. If your bathroom has a single wall, this cubicle design can be easily attached to it giving your home the perfect finish and look. The wall of shower enclosure is completely rounded which gives a D-shaped look because of which it is named as D-shaped shower cubicle. You can either get the shower door hinged or sliding, in the way as you like. This is the most elegant shower enclosures you will come across with its chic design and feel while opening it up.

Quadrant Shower Cubicle: This type of shower cubicle has been designed to fit the corner of any bathroom. If you want to get this cubicle installed, you need two walls for its attachment. The front of the quadrant is round and over hangs out from the two walls it is attached too. In this case also you have a choice of the type of shower doors you want to get installed i.e. sliding shower door or a hinged shower door. Its design is very fashionable and is popular amongst the trend setters.

Square Shower Cubicle: You might have seen this type of shower cubicle in the bathrooms as it is a very common one. To attach this kind of shower cubicle, you need two free walls next to each other. Two glass sides will then be attached making it a square shower cubicle. These types of shower cubicles are particularly useful if you are trying to create space in your bathroom as it can be easily installed in any corner. With this type of cubicle you can install doors that are either hinged door which swings open or a door with sliding feature which runs along a track. Both of these types of shower doors are easy to maintain.

Pentagonal Shaped Shower Enclosure: It requires two walls for the installation. Among all the other shower typesArticle Submission, this type requires the most space but gives your bathroom a stylish and trendy look. This shower enclosure can have both sliding and hinged shower door. For more details visit


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