Seasonal Wall Decor and Home Accents Let You Match Your Colors to Nature’s

If you love to watch the changing of the seasons and can never wait to see the best of all four seasons, you can use that interest in the decorating of your home. With seasonal wall décor and home accents, you can match your colors to the colors of nature. As the seasons change, you can find different accent pieces that perfectly complement the colors and mood of the time. There are many decorative home accents that are easily changed out as the seasons come and go throughout the year. Here are a few ideas for choosing seasonal accent pieces:

Fall – With the time of the harvest and changing of the leaves, fall is represented by colors that are deep, rich, and warm. Decorative home accents like wall art and sculptures that use bronze and copper work particularly well during this season. Nutcrackers and other traditional figurines make wonderful tabletop accents as the holidays approach and decorative bowls filled with fruit are representative of the bounty that comes with the harvest.

Winter – As winter rolls around, colors become sharper, bolder, and cooler in nature. Abstract wall art makes a great winter adornment for your walls. Mirrors are also great for making the most out of the naturally less abundant light during this time of year. Aluminum and silver sculptures and accents are a good color complement for the season and decorative board games make for a tabletop accent that can also chase away boredom!

Spring – Spring colors are cool, bright, and softer around the edges. Wall murals that celebrate nature and renewal make the perfect seasonal décor for your walls. Hanging stained glass panels can bring even more color and a different quality of light to the rooms of your home, so that everywhere you look, you see a virtual explosion of color and celebration at the earth’s awaking from winter. Moroccan style tabletop accents and furnishings are also perfect for the season.

Summer – Summer colors are verdant and warm. You can soften up your walls with European tapestries and really celebrate the season with great garden décor. Set up hammocks and bring out the wind chimes and gnomes to give your backyard the comfort and warmth that summer has always promised. Ceramic or metal planters make great places to grow indoor plants and keep the green of summer all year long. Egyptian accents make for great summer tabletop décor items for the home.

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