Score Big Using a Football Theme in a Boy’s Bedroom

Football is a man’s game, so it makes sense that it is a game that just about every boy, young or old, is interested in. Since most boys have a favorite team, it is not difficult choosing a color palette for a boy’s bedroom, because the team colors are a natural choice. Sometimes the challenge can be incorporating the colors into a well balanced room design.

Let Him Pick His Team
To begin the bedroom’s design, let the bedroom’s owner choose the team, and once the team is chosen, enlist his help to fill in more team details to round out the room’s football theme. Letting the young fan help with the design of the room is a wonderful way to get some decorating ideas that will make the room very personal for the occupant.

Locker Room Design
Once the team and colors are settled, it is time to design the room around a football theme. Football has a vast richness of sights, sounds, colors and experiences. A room can be designed around a stadium theme, or it could be designed around a more intimate locker room theme. Using a locker room theme as a design springboard makes a lot of sense, because the room can incorporate a wall of colorful lockers. Parents love the inclusion of ample storage in the bedroom’s layout, and a young boy can store his belongings in all of his favorite players’ lockers.

Team Colors
When incorporating the team colors onto the walls, make sure to use the colors in a way that make sense for the size and shape of the room. For example, in a very small room, it is probably a good idea to keep the wall colors light so the room feels as spacious as possible. Since dark colors can give a room a cave like feeling, use deeper colors as accents throughout the room. To keep the room feeling cohesive, the light wall color can be a pale version of one of the team colors, and in this way the color unifies the bolder color accents and represents the team’s theme throughout the bedroom.

Fun Floor Treatments
While decorating, remember that this is a child’s room, so have some fun. Cover the floor with indoor/outdoor carpeting that looks like grass. Using white paint, add lines to the carpet to simulate a football field.

Accessories and Memorabilia
Add memorabilia to the walls, such as pennants or jerseys from favorite football teams and stars. While a signed jersey is very cool indeed, from a design standpoint a regular jersey will work just as well. Look for accessories in the shape of a football, like an area rug, a lamp or even a table. Make sure to include the team’s colors throughout the room, and bedding and curtains both offer an excellent opportunity to bring in team colors in all of their glory. Include team logos for a great graphic addition to the room, or for a low cost alternative find bedding in team colors and hang a picture of the team logo on the wall. Choose accents with the official team logo carefully, because they can be quite expensive.

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