Rustic Lighting with Antler Lamps and Chandeliers

Authentic antler lamps are an incredible addition to your home decor that creates the essential rustic lighting that most homes need. These hand crafted naturally shed antlers truly brings the outdoors to life in any room in your southwestern or country home. Each lamp is a unique, one-of-a-kind because of the genuine antlers that are found in spring after the deer, moose or elk have naturally shed them. If you wait too long to collect these treasures, small critters of the forest will chew on them for the calcium. Older sheds are generally more difficult to find.

Your country home decor will be complete with an antler lamp used as a table or desk lamp. The variety of styles and shapes are endless. However, you may like to have a hand crafted antler chandelier. Your kitchen decor especially, will be enhanced with this type of chandelier hung above your island. I have seen that they are beautiful hung above the dining room table to truly give an outdoor rustic look. To top off the beauty of the chandeliers, be sure to enjoy the glow from the natural rawhide chandelier shades.

Whether you choose to have leather or rawhide lamp shades, you will love the variety of shade colors. You may choose one of several colors in the pig skin leather shades as well as the rawhide laced lamp shades. Leather lamp shades have your basic color scheme colors for any home or southwestern decor. The rawhide shades are made of natural goat skin that is kept natural, bleached or dyed to create a colorful glow for your home lighting.

Log cabin decor would be missing something if it did not have a deer antler lamp as a part of its log home lighting. When you think of log cabin, you think of the outdoors, right? So definitely embrace the outdoors in your cozy home. You will find that these hand-crafted lamps are perfect for your cabin decor. You may even choose to hang a chandelier above the pool table in your lodge. These rustic lamps can be complete with pig skin leather or rawhide lamp shades, hand painted with a wildlife scene or of the many remarkable animals from the woods.

Another wonderful fact is that you may also have antler sconces to use as wall decor. These wall sconces have been beautifully made with real antler sheds mounted to a natural log plaque. Very unique in its appearance, these sconces are completed with rawhide candelabra shades. Your rustic decor will be outstanding with these one-of-a-kind pieces of art, whether it is for your lodge or a cottage in the woods.

Your western lighting will be exceptional when you have your own antler lamp. Being out west really reminds one of the memories from the early pioneer days. I am sure that along the wagon trails or during the search of a creek, they would stumble upon the natural sheds. Now, your southwestern home can be enhanced by the wall sconces or antler table lamps from genuine antlers. Who would have thought that a simple way of life would become a natural treasure for our western or country style decor needs?

You will definitely have unique home decor when you combine these rustic lamps with your additional country, hunting or wildlife theme. Some are crafted so artistically that it will make you delighted to have one of your own. Never settle for the ordinary pieces of home decorum. Be creative in all of your endeavors. Whether the table top, desk lamp, hanging antler chandelier or wall sconces, you can be thrilled to know that these antler lamps can set a perfect tone for your southwestern or country home.

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