Rustic Decor for your Mountain Cabin

You have just bought that cozy mountain home, or you want to bring some of that mountain log home feel back home with you, consider decorating a room or your whole house in a mountain cabin motif.

Bringing the solitude of nature into your home is the idea behind this new mountain trend and it is catching on like wildfire. Rustic lighting and furniture is all the rave right now. Black bear decor or an antler chandelier will add a whimsy feel to any mountain home. Having the lodge look is as easy as a click of the mouse. You can find rustic cottage furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living areas and even your outdoor patio. Made of natural woods such as pine, or cedar, many pieces can be painted with designs of country scenery, animals or birds. Others have a mixture of wrought iron & metal art in the shape of leaves and stems creating an outdoor feel to any room.

A large rectangular table made of cedar or pine would be great for your kitchen or dining room table. Add a wrought-iron or metal chandelier as a focal point to provide vintage lighting for that lodge decor style home. Accent your kitchen or dining room by displaying rustic dinnerware, using antler door pulls or an adding an iron leaf baker’s rack in the corner. Use open shelving in the rustic country kitchen to display plates, dishes and dinnerware collections.

Iron and stain glass lighting in your living room can bring some of that old world charm into your country style home. Use wicker baskets to hold firewood, or decorate with pine cones, or dried flowers or old bird houses to bring the outdoors in. Kerosene, oil, or hurricane lamps, and lanterns, also adds to that old timely feel. Throw a handmade quilt over an old chair or use an old travel trunk for a table, covered with lace doilies or old fabric that reminds you of a happy childhood. Think of things from your past that make you smile and remember a simpler time.

Use neutral earth tones and natural colors to accent your rustic cabin look. Barn Red, blues and greens add that subtle comfort, helping you create a calm and elegant atmosphere. Bear or Moose decor curtains or throws add that nature accent to finish off that country cabin look.

Whether you live in the country, a wooded mountain cabin, or an inner city setting you can lose yourself in the beauty of the mountains everyday by decorating in a mountain decor to enhance the beauty and warmth of your country home.

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