Rose Gardening Tips

Do you love roses? Luscious rose gardens add a beautiful atmosphere to any home and garden. Even beginners can grow roses with little trouble when learn the basics of maintenance. There are some gorgeous ideas for backyard rose gardening. Although there are many steps to growing a beautiful rose garden, even a beginner can do it. Here you will find some rose gardening tips for the beginner.

– First, choose your spot. Roses love sunlight; therefore, they grow best when getting at least 8 hours of sunshine daily. A full day of sunlight is best; however, morning sun is preferable to afternoon sun.

– Prepare the soil for your roses well. Although, roses are not fragile flowers, they thrive in good draining soil, with a pH level about 6 or 7. Roses flourish in soils rich in organic materials.

– Keep in mind that soil that does not drain well, leave plants open to the vulnerability of disease and roots rot.

– Add organic materials such as compost, peat moss and manure.

– Fertilizers come in various choices between organic and chemical fertilizers.

– Allow the soil to rest a few days as it settles.

Buying Roses

There are various choices available when buying roses, such as colors and the different breeds as well as the types such as bushes, climbing roses, grafted and root roses. However, you should be aware that the difference between grafted and root roses, is that grafted roses are those which are weaker roses that have been grafted onto a much hardier rootstock rose. Grafted roses do have the disadvantage of coming back as a different type of rose once it dies back in the winter. It is then the rootstock rose, which is generally not appealing. However, there are rose varieties that are available as grafted roses, such as tea roses.

Planting Your Roses

The last step in rose gardening is to plant the roses. It is essential to take care not to cause any damage to the roses, since any cuts cause the plant to become even more susceptible to disease, which makes it harder to care for. There are two types of roses available for purchase, they are container and bare root roses. The roots of bare root roses need to be moist. You can place the roots in a bucket with a solution of water and organic materials, such as fish emulsion, to reach the desired moistness. Simply pull out the roots and then cut off any soft, mushy areas.

First, you must dig holes where you will plant the roses, for either container or bare root roses. In the bottom of each of the holes, you should apply some potassium, either a banana peel or an additive from your local gardening center. Locate the root bulb; this area joins the bulb to the root of the plant stem. In milder climates, do not bury this; however, in cooler climates it is best to place them at least 3 inches underground.

Newly planted rose plants need a bit of pampering. This means you should water them daily for 3 weeks, as long as the soil has good drainage. Doing so will encourage your roses to flourish. However, you should keep in mind while watering your roses, to water the soil, while avoiding getting the leaves and flowers wet. Moist foliage encourages the growth of fungi. Many roses need pruning after they have grown, which in turn encourages new growth.

When you love roses and are searching for great gardening tips, you should visit your neighbors, the local gardening center or the internet, as these are all great areas to learn. With a bit of effort and patience, your rose garden will become an amazing place of beauty.

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