Revamp Your Home With Fresh Ideas For Spring

Spring is a time for renewal, and what better place to begin than in the home. With the coming of spring, comes a rebirth so to speak, and the first thing that comes to mind is spring cleaning. Spring cleaning may seem like a chore, but there are ways to make it fun and renew the entire home in the process.

It’s a good idea to begin a spring cleaning effort by paying attention to the windows. During the winter months, dirt and grime from accumulating moisture can make the windows look dull or streaky. Begin with a thorough window cleaning and do not forget the window sills. For households with children and pets, or allergy sensitive individuals, choose something environmentally safe and chemical free to clean the windows with.

Decorate those newly scrubbed and transparent windows with curtains or draperies to coordinate with the home decor. For the best selection, consider buying curtains online , and don’t forget to take exact measurements for a perfect fit. To add a touch of style and make a small room appear larger, consider topping the window treatment with a balloon valance. Vertical blinds are another excellent choice for sliding glass patio doors.

Once the warmer weather approaches, pets will want to be outside more often. For those who wish to allow dogs or cats access to the fenced backyard, installing a doggie door is a great option. The installation of a doggie door is a great way to get the home ready for spring. Be sure to measure the dog’s height so the installed pet door will accommodate it. The door will need to be taken off the hinges, as the exact size doggie door will have to be drilled accordingly.

When preparing a home for spring, the exterior needs careful attention as well. Many homes will require some good old fashioned yard work to remove debris and leaves. Clutter such as toys, holiday decor and old lawn furniture should be stored away before welcoming spring. Pre-springtime weather is also the time to plant those fresh fruit and vegetable seeds, as well as flowers for an early May arrival.

Nothing welcomes spring better than some new lawn and garden decor. A bird bath, a bird feeder, or some well placed garden stepping stones can make a difference. Don’t forget to replace that tired worn out winter welcome mat with a bright and cherry springtime mat.

Bring a touch of springtime to the interior of the home by decorating with tropical plants. If flowers are too much of a bother, artificial flowers can be placed in colorful vases to add a touch of spring to the home. Try some fragrant eucalyptus leaves in a vase for a fresh and airy feel to the living room or bedroom.

A final preparation for spring that is often overlooked is checking the air conditioning unit. Being unused all winter long, the AC might need a tune up or replacement filter, so it’s best to inspect before the hot weather sets in. If necessary, call a professional to make repairs and set an appointment in advance.

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