Repurposed Bedroom Furniture for the Bathroom

Why should you pay a lot of money for a new bathroom vanity when there is a nice old dresser sitting around your home, waiting to be converted for the same purpose? In many instances, the quality of the converted dresser will be far superior to what you might purchase on today’s market. There are several bedroom furniture items that can easily be repurposed for your bathroom – and that will yield regal style at very low cost.

If you are lucky enough to find or own a provincial bedroom set, circa 1950s, then you have the makings at hand to create a bathroom that is nothing short of stunning. This type of furniture features a very wide low dresser that is ideally sized for his/her sink combinations. The set also features a high boy dresser that is just the thing for storing linens, toilet paper, blow dryers, and so on.

If the finish on the set you acquire has seen ‘better days’, then you have a couple of options. You can retain the natural wood look of the piece by stripping away the varnish with citrus stripper, and then staining it to achieve the color that you like. You would then need to apply a high quality varnish, optimally one that is made for the floor, to prevent damage from exposure to water. You might also consider replacing the top of the dresser with marble or some other material for a custom made sink top.

If you like the look of a painted finish, you don’t need to do much beyond removing the hardware from the dresser drawers, preparing the wood by sanding and filling in any imperfections with wood putty and then varnishing or painting the piece. With either application, the trendy vessel sinks that are available are a perfect option that won’t require you to cut out the traditional hole for your sink basins. Vessel sinks have a high-end, yet classical feel.

Now, what to do with the headboard and the footboard of the set? These can be transformed into a storage unit that goes above your toilet. You can cut each piece down to so that they are the same height, and then install shelving between the two pieces. This is a great DIY project for those who have the right skills, or you might even consider hiring a carpenter to build this space-saving above the toilet cabinet for you.

The next step is to bring the high boy chest into the bathroom and put it into position. If you have varnished or stained the sink/dresser or the headboard/space saver cabinet, then you will need to stain or paint the high boy chest to match.

Next, stand back and admire your ingenuity and creativeness! You have taken an old bedroom set and repurposed it into high-end bathroom furnishings that would have cost a small fortune if you’d bought them new!

To finish the new look, add modern accessories and hang contemporary wall art that match the bathroom style.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for, and specifically about designing with balloon metal wall decor and fish metal wall sculptures.

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