Remodeling Your Own Small Bathroom

Small bathroom remodels are fun, because they will always use less of what you would need for a large room. And ever cabinet and piece of furniture you buy will need to be small, as well, so as not to cramp the precious space.

What is even better is that if you make a mistake, it is a small mistake. If you start painting a wall, and you decide you really hate the color, you have not wasted that much paint. If you do not like the end result, you can start over, and it is not that much of a big deal.

The paint you choose must be able to take the humidity of the bathroom. You can choose textured or smooth, or maybe you would rather go with wall paper. The choice will determine your tools needed. For painting, you will need brushes, a roller, rolling pan, and a drop cloth. For wallpapering, you will need sandpaper to flatten bumps in the wall and smooth it out before you apply the paper. Also, some papers will need to be glued, and others already have glue applied to them and it only needs to be activated with water. Other than that, some spackle and a couple of screwdrivers and a hammer are all that are really needed.

The toilet is pretty standard. However, in a small bathroom, you will probably want to use the smallest toilet you can find. They have toilet sets that come complete in the box, and almost everything is there to connect your new toilet. The tools are not included, of course, and whatever it does not include, the instructions will let you know. Toilets are heavy, so if you are not sure if you can lift it comfortably, it might be a good idea to have a plumber handle this part. It also has to sit right on your flooring, and the waxed ring that you will need to seal it to the floor is an important part of the installation, as well.

Cabinetry is always fun to choose, too. And you will want to match to it a sink that fits. Sinks can be porcelain or marble, or beautiful shades in glass. And it should be the main attraction in a small bathroom. If you do not purchase the cabinet and the sink together, you will want to take the exact measurements of the piece you bought first, so that when you return to a store to choose the matching sink or cabinet, it will fit when you get it home.

You may want to install a new curtain rod, depending on how much it does not match what you have newly done. Then new shower curtains, towels and rugs should match, or at least compliment the other. For draperies, you might tray either a bamboo shade in natural or darker browns, or mini blinds in any color you desire. You might even design your own draping fabrics that just casually hang displaying the colors of your new decor.

So, what type of decor have you decided upon? Will it be Tuscan, with textured walls and wrought iron towel rods? Or will it be modern, with mirrors all around, and a clear shower curtain? You may like bold colors, or you may like pastels. You may want a small collection of little knick-knacks around, matching perfectly to the theme or style you have created. And flowers, or ornamental shrubs or plants, whether real or silk, always add to the warmth of a bathroom. Whatever you decide, whichever style you choose, you will be rewarded by the finished product of your new small bathroom decor.

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