Remodeling Your Home This Christmas

The winter holidays are a great time to begin remodelling your house; with extra time off work or school runs you can make significant changes to any home with a little pre planning. Presents that are usually bought and distributed among the family are usually very thoughtful and well received but are not always used for a long period of time (especially where the little ones are concerned!). This raises the question; how can I give a gift that is practical, used frequently and impresses the receiver just as much as any other gift, if not more so? Well fear not, there answers are here! With Christmas on the way, let’s look at how you can remodel each room of your home to benefit the whole family.

The Living Room

One of the most commonly used appliances and main attractions of many homes (whether we like to admit it or not) is the living room television. Purchasing a new TV for dad is certainly a great way to get on his good side! If there’s one thing most dads enjoy is an hour (or four!) to relax and unwind in front of the television. Buying some new decorative accessories for the living room is certainly going to put a smile on mum’s face. A set of curtains carefully chosen to match the colour scheme of the house is a great way to add some nice touches to the living room and provide a gift at the same time.

The Bedrooms

Maybe it’s time for a change in the kid’s bedrooms; the candyfloss pink wallpaper isn’t as favourable to your 16 year old daughter and the 18 year old son has had about enough of his Telly tubby curtains. Redecorating the kid’s bedrooms can prove to be a fantastic way of getting them involved over the winter holidays and you can add a few features here and there that they are sure to love. Smaller LCD TV’s are available with built in DVD players. Perhaps a desk so they have the privacy and means to cover any homework in their own space.


In many homes there is often at least one ‘early bird’; up at the crack of dawn be it for work purposes of otherwise. Adding an instant coffee dispenser to the kitchen is a thoughtful and practical gift that is bound to get used over and over; a hot mug of coffee before work is sure to please the early bird! Perhaps there is a health nut in the house? A quality juicer or smoothy maker is sure to serve them well and can make a wonderful addition to the kitchen too! Perhaps some more stylish additions are in order, consider upgrading fixtures in your kitchen such as the sink and kitchen taps.

So there we have it, a few ideas to help you provide great gifts and spruce up your home simultaneously!

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Tapshop321 kitchen taps and Baby First Year who are the orinigal source of Remodelling Your Home This Christmas . Follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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