Remodeling a Small Bathroom with Ease


Wrong – if you do not plan ahead, draw out plans and do lots of shopping you just might get into a project way over your head. There are many ways that you can remodel a small bathroom without breaking the bank.Start out with your basic bathroom needs. Take a look at your old bathroom and see what has transpired in the past with chunky bathroom pieces that take up your space or maybe the tub is great but it has to go.  If you mostly take showers, you will not miss your tub at all.  After you have decided tub or shower, pedestal sink or vanity then half of the battle is done.The other half is installing, repainting, re-doing the plumbing and whatever else needs to be done during the process of the remodel. You may find as you are doing the remodel that you will come upon some unexpected problems and some of which may hinder you from the bathroom choices you have already made.Things like this do happen and unfortunately it can throw you behind in your remodeling.  Having a budget is good but tries to allow a little extra for the “unexpected problems” you may encounter. If you run into really big problems, you could hire a professional to do the work using the materials you have picked out.The shower stall that may be replacing your tub/shower enclosure will give you lots more room to work with. There are many different styles and it just depends on your taste and budget. Explore the different shapes and try to visualize how each one will work in your bathroom before you decide. Also make sure in working with a small space that you pre-measure everything.The sink you choose will be equally as important as the shower. You can really streamline your bathroom by picking out a pedestal sink or a wall mount sink versus a vanity type. Getting rid of your over sized sink can give you the precious space that you have been wanting.The toilet you choose is also important. There are several styles to consider and the ones at your local hardware store are mounted up above so you can look at them. Consider an oblong one if you have limited space.Bathroom accessories can be cumbersome in a small bathroom. Choose smaller groupings of towels, pictures and racks. If you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, you might want to also consider a recessed storage cabinet built into the wall. Small shelves may also be handy to store towels and other smaller accessories. Of course, having a bathroom caddy to store your accessories is also nice.Small bathroom remodeling can actually be fun. It can sometimes be frustrating when you run into problems or have to go out and buy extra fixtures or plumbing but the rewards are great when you look at your finished project, put away your tools and stock your newly remodeled bathroom for its first use.Source: Free Articles from

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