Raised Bed Gardening: Top Outdoor Innovation Ideas

Nowadays space crunch is a major problem in urban areas. People hardly get an open area to grow plants of different species and orchids either in the workplace or at home. However, a large number of professionals and families have found a smart way out – outdoor innovations. This process helps in creating greenery in your office or house in spite of having a limited space. Keeping flowery plants, orchids, etc. helps in keeping the body and soul refreshed and allows you to breathe pure oxygen every day.

Through outdoor innovations, a space gets transformed into a visually appealing outdoor area. Professional organizations specialized in the domain of landscape designs and gardening has come up in different cities and towns. They inspect the site where landscaping is required and accordingly create computerized landscape designs as per your requirement. Customized designs are drawn to fit individual needs.

Raised bed gardening has become very popular in both business and residential areas.


Raised beds make gardening very easy besides saving your valuable time and money. In this process of gardening, wooden frames are filled up with soil and a path is created to separate the beds. Seeds are sowed to allow them grow into beautiful plants. Usually herbs, annuals, and perennials are grown in the raised beds.


In the raised beds, plants are placed next to each other without leaving extra space. Limited space prevents the growth of weeds and thus helps to conserve moisture. Besides, if the soil is unsuitable for plant growth, through raised bed gardening, you can add necessary nutrients to the soil making it highly fertile.

Thus, this type of gardening can be done on any area with a bad soil or heavy clay. Raised bed nursery also helps in improving the overall look of your garden besides ensuring the plants grow healthily. Also, as the beds are placed higher than the ground, walking on these areas is impossible thus protecting the foliage from getting damaged. Improved soil drainage and air passage also help the vegetation grow properly getting an adequate amount of water and fresh air.

Construction Process

Constructing a raised bed is not that difficult. However, a layman can always take the help of a professional company to create a picture-perfect vegetable or flower garden. Frames should be made with untreated wood (preferably cedar or redwood) since treated wood may leak out harmful toxins into the soil. Concrete blocks are also good for creating a vegetable lawn or garden.

●Site selection should be done carefully. Try to choose a place that receives adequate amount of sunlight. Plants growing in a dark place may perish because of lack of sunlight.

●Soil should be made debris-free and dug properly to loosen it for free air passage

●Create raised beds of suitable size that would allow the plants to grow properly

●It is better to fill the bed with equal portions of soil and compost for ideal vegetation

Professional Assistance

There are top-class professional organizations designing, building, and maintaining raised bed vegetable gardens for you. Before the construction process begins, the company sends a team for garden site inspection. Later, computerized designs of different landscapes and outdoor innovations are created. Customized services are also provided on customer demand.

Not only do these landscaping and gardening companies help in creating designs, they also assists in installing a raised bed garden and maintaining the same. These companies also provide coaching on how to grow vegetables and flowery plants on your own.

Floren Neel is associated with some garden house and raised bed gardening material suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good backyard greenhouses, raised bed garden, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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