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With the recession still looming in our memories we use this time of hardship to look at more frugal ways of home improvements. With an abundance of railway sleepers available on the market due to constant improvements to the UK railways we look at how they can be widely adapted around the house. Garden designers are using these in all sorts of diverse ways. Their versatility, robustness and simplicity makes them the perfect building block in the garden. People have used them in all sorts of ways, from constructing walls, raised flower beds, gateposts, paving and steps. Some people have even constructed sheds and garages using them. Gardeners also find sleepers a useful way of retaining soil in areas where there is a change in level.

Used railway sleepers are financially cost effective as they last for years as they are usually treated hardwoods like oak and timber are also really robust. The visual style of wood also looks aesthetically pleasing as it fits in with the natural look and feel of the environment.
Whether you are using railway sleepers in the house or garden they really are effective. Working as garden sleepers the wood ages really nicely giving a traditional look to any flower bed or raised vegetable patch perhaps. In terms of furniture railway sleepers can be transformed into benches, or rustic coffee tables, even using the strength for beams in house foundations.

The sleepers can even be converted into features such as bridges in your garden or bespoke stairs to add character to your garden feature. Creating soil-retaining walls or raised-bed gardens are just two examples of great uses for sleepers in the garden. People have used them for all sorts of things in the garden, including as stepping stones, paving or steps. Some people have even built sheds and other outdoor structures entirely from wood.

While reclaimed railway sleepers have been used in gardens, they are usually created with gardening and landscaping in mind. Creating raised flower beds and retaining soil are some of the main reasons gardeners use them, and because they can be re-used in many different ways. Many people are happy to have dormant reconditioned sleepers in their garden as they understand how useful they can be.

Of course there is a wide range to choose from both hardwood and softwood, and of course many suppliers with sleepers for sale. I suggest doing a little research into DIY prepacks for furniture if it’s your first attempt at making benches, etc

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