Promotional Gifts That Keep Your Customer’s Computer Clean While Promoting Your Business

Did you know that there is and incredible new range of promotional computer cleaners on the market? These are proving to be exceptional business gifts. Any one who works in front of a computer will now how hard it is to keep it dust free. You will also know how important it is that you do so.

For this reason, you may like to consider giving your customers imprinted promotional computer cleaners. Most are not expensive so you can order just one type or purchase many so you always have a little something to give them on your visits or to put in the post to remind them of you.

One of the biggest attention grabbers is the new Cyber Clean computer slop in a pot. This fabulous new product looks a lot like the green slime you probably bought as a kid. It is a green a slimy but it is also a high tech cleaning compound. When you place it on your computer keyboard it cleans and lifts dust and harmful bacteria. It also works wonders on mobile phones and blackberries leaving a clean, fresh scent. The Cyber Clean container looks great printed with your logo and details. It is, however the most expensive of the new cleaning products on the marker starting at around £5.00 each.

If you are looking for less expensive options, you will not be disappointed. There is a large range of screen cleaners and keyboard sweepers on the market. These are available in many different colours, shapes and price brackets. They also look very good printed with your logo and details. What is more, they will remain in your customers desk drawer for a long time to come and will promote your business whenever they are used.

One last mid-range product definitely deserves a mention. It is the new USB keyboard vacuum cleaner. It starts at around £3.50 each. If this little promotional gadget doesn’t attract attentionFeature Articles, nothing will! It is a little vacuum that plugs into the side of your computer and vacuums all the dust off the keyboard.

Your promotional gift supplier should be able to provide pictures and sample of all these products. Computers are here to stay so why not let one or all of these computer cleaners work for you in promoting your company?

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