Preparing Your Kitchen For Redecorating

Redecorating an entire kitchen the way you want it is among the most rewarding of all DIY jobs. It can also be incredibly cost-effective in the sense that paying for a painter/decorator can be expensive and if you put in the time and effort yourself you can achieve some amazing results. Once you’ve achieved perfection in your kitchen decoration you can experience an overwhelming sense of achievement and pride as people compliment your handiwork. Knowing where to start your transformation can be daunting, from ripping out old flooring to replacing kitchen taps if you don’t have a clear plan to follow the DIY overhaul can seem all too overwhelming.

If you’re feeling swamped by challenges then why not try following our fool-proof plan to ensure your handiwork runs smoothly?

Step 1: Assess potential problems

Carry out a thorough survey of the kitchen, considering any structural problems you could encounter and troubleshoot any problems. You then need to compile a checklist of repairs for you to carry out before redecorating the kitchen.

Step 2: Get Ideas Flowing

Decide on your colour scheme and any key features you want in your new kitchen. For example, if there’s any particular kitchen counter surfaces that you want make a note of the model numbers and colours so you can purchase them. This may also be useful when considering furnishings and accessories, try to pick an accent colour to base your table linen and soft furnishings on. You will also need to make a list of tools and materials you’ll need for remodelling your kitchen. This should be done over the process of a few days as there’s always materials and tools you forget when preparing for large renovation projects.

Step 3: Out with the Old

Thoroughly clear the room until there’s minimal objects in the room and only fitted furniture remains. You may need to mask or remove fitted furniture and wall fittings to prevent them from becoming damaged in the redecorating process. If you’re keeping your flooring then cover it up with dust sheets to prevent it being damaged or stained with tools and substances which may cause discolouring or chip the flooring.

Step 4: Strip and Seal

Remove any old decorations by stripping wall and ceiling coverings, a steamer could come in useful at this stage to prevent you from spending hours with a scraper. A steamer can also make some of the tougher layers of wall covering easier to remove – but expect to use a bit of elbow grease! Sand down any woodwork which is due to be repainted to ensure the paint goes on smoothly and use PolyFilla to fill any holes and seal gaps.

Step 5: Rectify Repairs

Refer back to your list of repairs and start to rectify them. Make sure you cut your electrical supply if you need to repair any sockets or light fittings. If performing any of the listed repairs appears too complicated and you fear it could interrupt with the water or electrical supply you should call in a registered plumber or electrician to prevent furthering the problem.

Once you’ve completed all five steps you should be ready to begin the redecorating process. Remember to keep all tools and substances which could cause harm to children and pets stored safely out of harms’ way.

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