Portable Tiki Bar – Giving Your Backyard A Fresh New Look

Whether you’re throwing a party or not, it would be nice to set up a Tiki bar in your backyard just to add a bit of spice to your place. A Tiki bar can help transform your backyard into a place where you can unwind and relax without having to leave the house or spend a fortune on a weekend getaway. It can also provide the perfect setting for an intimate get-together with family and friends. Even if you don’t have much space in your backyard, you can still create a tropical atmosphere with a portable Tiki bar and if you have a pool, it can add a constant party atmosphere to your poolside.

There are two basic types of Tiki bars. The Tiki hut is a house-like structure that usually contains a bar, a seating area, a few tables, and a deck. A portable Tiki bar, on the other hand, is a small structure that often contains simply a bar and three stools, with shelves under the bar top. The most noticeable common element between these two types is the thatched roofing, which goes back several centuries and is a distinct element of Tiki decor all over the world.

If you are a DIY type of individual, you may actually want to build your own Tiki bar. The first thing you need to do is procure a good plan from an experienced builder. Be sure to get a plan containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions complete with illustrations, especially if this is your first time to build a Tiki bar. It is also advisable to get your plan from a builder who can provide assistance and consultation services in the event that you encounter some problems with the building process. If you are already adept at carpentry, you may simply use the plan as a guide and customize the Tiki bar to suit your specific needs and reflect your personality.

If you want to give your Tiki bar a truly authentic feel, you may have to find materials that are not readily available locally, so you’ll have to find out where to get them. You may also want to purchase a few pieces of specialty decor to give your bar the ultimate Tiki appeal. The internet can be a good source of these special materials and decor items. With a good plan and the right materials and decor, your Tiki bar should be built and ready for use in just a few days.

Whether you want to become a master party host or you simply want to give your backyard a fresh look, a Tiki bar will definitely provide what you are looking for. And while it has the kind of appeal that automatically invites people to party, keep in mind that this type of bar is primarily made of flammable materials. It is therefore important that you use the proper fire-proofing techniques when building it and ensure safety at all times, especially when there’s a party going on. After all, you wouldn’t want to see the portable Tiki bar you worked so hard to build suddenly going up in flames. So, get the safety measures set up, crank up the island-inspired music, bring out the tropical drinks and get the party going!

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