Porch Swings Come in a Variety of Styles and Materials, Which one is Best for You?

Besides the traditional style of porch swings, there are many people who would like to enjoy sitting on a swing on a lazy summer day sipping lemonade, but do not have anywhere to hang one. But there has long been an answer to this dilemma with covered canopy swings. These are often seen in gardens and on patios. My in-laws have one in their garden where they like to sit together or with grandchildren to watch their waterfall. I am sure that you have seen these before, they are often made of metal with a colorful fabric cushioned cover that can easily be removed and washed. The swing hangs from from a metal frame which has  a matching shade cover. So, you kind of get the swing and the covered porch all in one!

I have also seen some really nice wood, free hanging porch swings. Sometimes these are painted, a nice antique white finish gives your garden a quaint victorian feel. This is further accentuated by their frame. Sometimes these porch swings have a basic A-frame, other times the frame is an arbor style. These are sometimes called cottage swings. The look of these are more romantic and classic than the metal canopy swings.

In today’s eco friendly world, you should not be too surprised that you can find porch swings made out of recycled plastic. From a distance they often look like wood, minus the potential for slivers! You can get ones that hang from a chain on your porch, or one that comes with its own steel frame.

You can also get swings that are made of cotton or other type fabric. The most popular style of these are hammock type chairs, and often designed only for one person. These seem quite comfortable, though some look a little tricky for getting in and out!

Another popular material for porches and gardens is wicker, and in a small town, wicker is hard to find. Thank goodness for online shopping! Wicker makes for a very nice porch swing, most of these that I have seen come with a chain or rope for traditional hanging. These also come in a variety of colors, though white seems to be post popular for outdoor furniture.

If you decide that you do want a traditional wood porch swing, make sure you check out all of your wood options before buying. Cedar starts out with a fresh finish, but within a few years ages to gray, great for a coastal home! A teak wood will keep its natural finish for a long time. For a lighter natural finish, cypress is a good option. Many other woods can be found also, such as oak and maple, though they need to have proper treatment to last.

Another version of a swing that can be found is the glider bench. Benches can be found in a variety of styles, colors and materials. This is another great option if you do not have a place to hang a swing, or want one out in the garden. The footprint is smaller than a canopy swing or other hanging styles, which sometimes is a great benefit. This style obviously does not have a shade cover, but they fit great under a large shade tree!

Porch swings can also come in many styles, something to please anybody. The Adirondack style is very popular today, especially known for its comfort. Another popular furniture style today in many homes is Mission style, and this translates very nicely to porch swings. Some other styles I have seen are Savannah and Nautical, as well as Chippendale, French country, fan back, and Nantucket.

Well, as you can see, there is a large variety of porch swings available, so with a little looking aroundScience Articles, you should find one that will fit your personal needs perfectly!

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