Planning the Perfect Train or Thormas the Train Party!

So your kids love trains huh? There are lots of wonderful decorating ideas for your train themed party that will keep your party on the right track (pun intended). Most times on of the first things that you would consider is where you would love to host the train party. Well, hosting the part at your home is a very good option because you will have a little more freedom with the decorating and food choices. Although a lot of parents usually prefer to host the part at another venue, so you may consider these two options for your train theme party:

i. Park

ii. Playground

So What Do I Need in Order to Host a Successful Train Theme Party?

You will need to get the basic party supplies such as:

-Paper tableware such as plates, cups, cutlery and napkins

-Table cloth



Please note that you can use themed tableware supplies in order to give your party a little something extra. There are lots of stores that sell train party supplies on the internet and in the local shopping malls.

You can also decide to stick with the basic or go on to add other things that would really go well for your theme. For instance, for a train themed party, you want to consider buying or renting the following items:

-Toy trains on tracks

-Colorful train pinata

-Conductor bandannas and hats

-Train themed movie

-Train cake pan and or cookie cutters

As you are thinking of getting the party supplies for your kid’s party, ensure that you also pay close attention to the invitations you are sending out. If you have time to make the invites yourself, here are a couple of ideas to help you. You can design the invites to look a lot like train tickets, you can even include seat assignments in order to make it a lot of fun. If your child is a great fan of a train cartoon character such as Thomas the Tank Engine, you can scan the picture of the character onto the invites and then add a bubble that reads Welcome aboard for (the name of your child)’s birthday party! Then write all the party details inside. You can also come up with creative wording for your party details.

Decorating Ideas

Make cardboard train tracks that lead to the party area.

Make colorful cardboard train complete with wheels and set it in the front yard or in the middle of the party area.

You can hang a banner to in the main entrance that reads Welcome Aboard (your child’s name)’s Party Train.

You can also cut out various kinds of railroad crossing sign using poster boards or card boards. Use different colors and style and then hang the signs all around the party area.

Use train themed balloons to complete the decor.

Party Favors

You can easily save time by purchasing a complete train party favor sets or personalized train favors. However, creating your own is rather simple and can include the following items: Train stickers, Candy, Trained themed DVD, Train whistle, Toy train, etc

Remember that planning a party should not be a chore it should be fun. There is lots of information and ideas online to read through. Use that information and plan a great party!

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