Perfect Flea Control for Grass Safety


If your pets spend a lot of time in your yard, it might be necessary to treat everything from the lawn to your lawn furniture for these parasites. Learn where fleas can be found in your yard, how to eradicate them, and how to prevent future infestations.Unless you have a major infestation, keeping the yard clean and debris-free should help break the flea and tick life cycle. You may not need to use chemical treatments in your yard, but if it becomes necessary, make sure to read the labels carefully before choosing which one to use.This last precaution is very important, since some chemicals can be harmful to pets, fish, and humans, so be sure you know the correct way to use them before you use them, and follow all application directions closely. If you are using the chemical outdoors, look for a chemical that is specifically labeled for outdoor use, otherwise you might be wasting your money on a product that will break down in sunlight and humidity/rain.Once you’ve eradicated fleas from your yard, you still have to contend with their offspring. Fleas breed in those moist, shady areas we discussed earlier. Hose down garden beds, around trees, rock mounds, and anywhere else you suspect fleas are hanging out. Next, water your grass until it slightly floods. Eggs and larvae will not survive when flooded with water.There are several plants that help keep fleas at bay. Lavender was touted as a cure for the plague in the Middle Ages, but that’s merely because it was a flea repellant. People who used lavender scent on their clothes didn’t get bitten and didn’t catch the plague from fleas.Eucalyptus, according to flea control expert keeps fleas out, but is generally listed as poisonous to both cats and dogs, so it’s not recommended for pet owners.Mint, on the other hand, is safe for pets. It’s been used for years to keep fleas away. Other suggested flea-repellent plants include basil, chamomile, costmary, cowslip, daisies, fennel, garlic, germander, hops, marjoram, meadowsweet, pennyroyal, pine, rose, rosemary, rue, sage, southernwood, sweet flag, sweet woodruff, tansy, thyme, sweet violet, winter savory and wormwood.Always refer to professional Flea Control Auckland for reliable help needed

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