Patio Umbrellas – Patio Design Ideas

If you’re looking for patio design ideas to brighten up your outdoor space, look no further than colorful patio umbrellas. The biggest drawback of many patio spaces is the glaring sun. While it’s refreshing and healthy to spend time outside, it’s dangerous to spend too much time in the sun. You can eliminate this problem with a decorative umbrella that provides a shady spot in even the sunniest patio space. Unlike umbrellas that are designed to run through the center of a patio table, freestanding umbrellas can offer shade for a variety of activities.

As you’re exploring patio design ideas, one of the first things you should consider is the overall decor you want for this space. Consider some of these ideas.Create an elegant English garden with rose-covered trellises, white whicker furniture, and the pretty pink elephant bouquet patio umbrella.Turn your patio into a meditative Asian retreat with bamboo mats, a water wall, and the oriental glory, cherry blossom, or Asian garden patio umbrellas.Set up a vibrant area for enjoying a good book and iced tea with tiers of colorful container flowers, a welcoming bird bath, and the wildflowers patio umbrella.Patio umbrellas that are freestanding mean you can use them to shade any kind of activity. Consider these possible activities for your multipurpose shaded space.Lay a comfortable quilt and outdoor pillow at the base of the umbrella for lounging with a good book.Spread a picnic blanket on the ground and enjoy a backyard picnic with fruit, cheeses, crusty bread, and wine.Set a yoga mat beneath the umbrella for early morning yoga stretches.Use your umbrella to offer cover for shade-loving plants on a patio that only has full sun.Patio umbrellas facilitate a variety of engaging patio design ideas. When you have a touch of proper shade, you can use this space for almost any activity. Relax in the shade while your kids play in the yard, breathe in fresh air while working on your latest crochet project, or enjoy a break from the hot sun by placing your umbrella wherever you’re currently gardening. The umbrellas should be weatherproof and waterproof so they’ll hold up for years of outdoor shade. You can reposition the umbrella easily so it’s always handy for any type of outdoor activity.

Unique and beautiful patio umbrellas will add a touch of class to your lawn, deck or pool. Handcrafted and hand-painted patio umbrella are not only practical but stunning works of art. They will make an immediate decorative impact wherever placed and become an instant focal point in your garden, on your deck or patio.

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